Deadlines loom… and here I am typing in my LJ

…'cause tire d'erable sur la glace is so darnned yummy! No really, it is. My trip to campus was incredibly much better than intended (I mean, I just went to photocopy and hand in my assignment, and lookee there: a Sugar Shack in Quad! Sure, I expected to see it, but I didn't quite expect to be there for it). A dollar for some incredibly yummy maple-y goodness… how could that be at all wrong?

And yes, I handed in that assignment. So now all that remains is the darnned essay that I've been avoiding for far far too long. *sighs*

The bright side is that the essay should hypothetically be rather easy to write… provided I actually choose a topic ASAP.

Today's already been such a great one! Regardless of the essay-stress, I think it'll all go quite well in the end.