Yeah… I was Tiffani Turncoat… and other tales

And now for the latest updates on Ali's Adventures:

I've been working a fair bit lately (reasonable really, money does pay bills), but I've also been truly revelling in the joys life has to bring (yeah… I suppose that describes it).

Let's see… the poetry reading for Blood Ink was absolutely awesome. Many thanks of course to our hosts, the furniture mover of the group, and all the other readers/writers present. I had a great time. I really am enjoying reading in public. It's prehaps more stressful than CKI public speaking, as I have to put a bit more of myself into it, but it's very rewarding!

I've discovered Dungeons&Dragons, and have been actually truly enjoying playing. Very imaginative and fun!

The CKI Winter Formal was also a blast! A murder mystery, I became a character named Tiffani Turncoat who liked to spread her boss, Tai Coone's secrets (as she did not much like him to put it mildly). That whole evening, especially watching the crazy skipping excapades, was thoroughly entertaining. I had an utterly splendid time, especially with my character's companion, retired police detective John Smith.

The computer is playing sound again. In fact it actually works rather well… and will hopefully get all rebuilt and such soon too!

Suffice to say, I'm one happy camper! 🙂