For some odd reason, I'm not asleep yet… but it's been a rather productive day just the same

Not only was the day productive, but I actually indulged myself a wee bit.

Anywho… the day started with the yowza!! difficult task of waking up. I think I need to be going to bed a slight bit earlier than 1am more frequently. Mind you, I'm likely getting far more sleep as of late than has been the trend in the past. Jeff is likely right when he tells me that I'm not going to like waking up for my work shift on Friday (a 7am start… ouch!), as much as I like to deny that fact (the joys of getting off work at 1pm though!! whoopie! 🙂 )

Got my tasks for the morn done (including internet-y enjoyments of course, along with some reading for class and a bit o' writing for class (and not for class as the case may be). This was promptly followed by a journey to campus to grab food (an onion cake) before running about all crazy-like and buying a text (recommended) for my film noir/hardboiled detective fiction class at the bookstore, picking up a scholarship check at the office for that purpose, stopping by the CKI office for some pamphlets (I would have picked up letters if I hadn't already submitted the donation request at work. The short notice stinks, but it'll be taken care of) and getting my photocopying done for class.

Then the doctor's appointment that I'd been looking forward to: Finally getting my hand/wrist/arm checked out after that dastardly blood donation from last summer. Basically, it's likely I've bruised the medial nerve or something… and that it's likely actually due to that incident (apparently takes on average a year to heal completely… ugh!), but to make sure and to see how bad etc. it is, I'll be getting some tests done eventually. I was pretty happy with that result in any case.

Then I trooped off to HUB to deposit scholarship cheques, enter a contest, buy a late lunch (beef noodle soup from Ho Ho's. No, I don't trust most of their food, but I was craving soup for some odd reason, and I've never had issues with their soups, just with their meal combos… soups are at least sort of prepared to order), and walk into the Book Cellar (not in that order). I like to look around for good deals and such. Lo and behold, there were copies of the book I'd been eyeing since my first trip to Whyte ave whilst in High School (with Krista): Girlfriend in a Coma by Douglas Coupland. A steal at $4 including tax, I bought it and will likely read it at some point soon. When a book retails at $19.95 (soft cover) and I get it for $4 new, I'm very pleased. Especially since I've long wanted to read it!

In any case, class began soon afterward (well I read the poems first and ate). There, we discussed the public reading we'll be doing on March 14th (I need to submit my work for the chapbook that everyone gets ASAP). It'll be fun! I love reading my poetry in public. If anyone wants to come, it'll start at ~7pm (come early if you want a seat) and it'll be at Martini's Bar & Grill (9910-109th Street). It's part of the Olive series of readings.

So that's the new and exciting news (well asides from the fact that next week's midterm quiz will be super easy now that I know the questions, and I've actually some homework [at least the essay questions] assigned… which'll also be easy). Yay!