You have Fairy Wings. You are the bringer of

laughter, life, mischief, and magic. You

love causing trouble for the sake of having

fun though sometimes you hurt othersyou dont

mean to. You love to play tricks on people

and are very creative. Nature is where youll

always be found. The rustle and bustle of

cities is not for you. You love wearing

things you find in nature such as flowers and

leaves and you love going barefoot. You are

either a social butterfly or a loner at

heart. You are very magical and are more

powerful than people assume and can be

extremely passionate though you can be

childish, stubborn, naive, and self-centered.

Your wings are transparent and full of bright

or dark colors or one solid color.

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In other news… Underworld: Evolution was a really great movie (I enjoyed it as much as I enjoyed the first one… perhaps even more actually given that I saw it on the big screen with some pretty fabulous company). It was certainly a film focused on what the eye sees.