Dancin' the night away :)

It was a stupidly horrible Dinwoodie floor (worse than usual even) but no, I didn't fall splat on my behind or anything of the sort. No. Instead I had an excellent evening catching up with ol' friends, and of course dancing! It was excellent to dance with Jeff again, and to see so many others.

Really nice actually, expecially since although they played mostly waltz and jive (and I did rather little of the jiving), I did get a good couple line dances (Larger Than Life and Cadillac Ranch) in, along with a two-step, a couple tangoes, several viennese waltzes (I'm actually quite shocked that I didn't injure myself on that floor as a result!!), a merengue and even a paso doble in addition to the rumbas, cha-chas, and whatnot. Barenaked Ladies songs were played… some of my favorites!

My ridiculously annoying choking episode didn't cause any lasting harm (although it did inconvenience a few friends who helped with the clean up, as much as they professed it was no trouble and that they actually enjoyed cleaning. I thank them anyway).

Oh! And I got numerous compliments on the dress! Nice to hear that others appreciated it as much as I did when I found it in the market in Mexico. It turned out to be a good length to dance in: not quite so long that I was tripping on it or anyone else was stepping on it, but long enough to be a long dress.

Although the group that gathered at BPs afterward wasn't as numerous as it has been oftentimes in the past, the gathering was rather enjoyable. Suffice to say, I had an excellent night.

In other news:
I finished reading Oath of Swords by David Webber. I was happy to be greeted with the 'too good to put down' sections of the book while on my days off from work and school (today and yesterday), otherwise, I dunno how detrimental this fun leisure reading could be… such a great distraction! It feels so utterly awesome to finish a book that isn't being read for homework (regardless of how fantastic the books are that I've been reading for homework… and they are rather awesome books as well! The Maltese Falcon by Dashiell Hammett especially!!)