Scholarships and exercise…

Yesterday was a busy yet productive day. I basically got a bunch 'o scholarship stuff done (rather nice since that included writing 2 reference letters for other people, and completing my own scholarship application package), picked up something at Shoppers, ate some really great food, got some photocopying done and forms filled out, did readings for class and then went to class. All through that I kept running into great friends that I don't see enough of and so had some rather remarkable conversations. Completely and totally worth my time to catch up with people like that.

Classes were rather great: my poem got some great criticism, I found out I'll be reading at TWO poetry readings (not just one!), and the fairytale and folktale class was great as per the usual. Call me crazy but I rather loved reading Cupid and Psyche the most out of the folk/fairytales for the evening.

Oh! And I finally walked home from campus yesterday! The weather being so utterly amazing, I was going to walk to campus as well, but the fact that I was running later than intended procluded that possibility. Walking across the high level always gives me some time to reflect, in general a good thing.

Come to think of it I got a fair bit of exercise in yesterday… which I undoubtedly enjoyed (I need to get out walking (etc.) more often. I tend to get rather out of shape comparatively speaking over the winter months dut to profuse use of busses and LRT rather than walking… not to mention the lack of planying CKI soccer and otherwise getting out to do things). Jeff introduced me to the eliptical machine at the gym which was rather cool if I say so myself. Much more fun than running or anything of the sort! Especially with all those really cool features calculating distance, calories burned, and heart rate. As a past science student, this always does appeal to me. Come to think of it, this was my first real time at a gym. I've been truly enjoying all the new experiences as of late! 🙂

So it's a bright new shining day… and I've already managed to slip and fall on an icy sidewalk. The first time I've slipped on ice in 2006. Not bad, although I would have rather not done so. At least I didn't fall down icy stairs or anything… 'cause that tends to hurt a whole lot more.