In Houston!

So I thought that since I had the free time I'd type a bit about Houston. It is certainly not Edmonton! My flight arrived around 12:30ishPM yesterday and was followed with some adventures with Sam driving us around the roads of Houston in search of food and then of the real-estate agent that we were going to go view some houses with. That was an interesting experience to say the least: archetecture is not the same here as in Edmonton! Much more city-feeling I think not to mention Mexican influences, emphasis on air conditioning, and so on. Interesting to view such new homes, especially those that had not been finished just yet. In any case, as much as Sam might not think so, I had an excellent time.
We had an excellent dinner (greek food) at a quick serve (well quick if you're not ordering pork chops!) Greek restaurant (Niko Nikos) before driving around Downtown Houston and River Oaks to look at all the lights. It really feels weird to see all the Christmas decorations with no snow!! The Christmas carols also seem rather out of place. That said, driving the wind-y roads amongst the trees and mansions in River Oaks was fun, especially with all the Bearstein-Bear-trees and the white lights (there was a dearth of colour at these homes… very much white-light classy. Nothing like Candy Cane lane (no people… the houses don't seem really lived in from the outside like this, although the sights were rather breath taking, especially with the balls of light and the massive stockings hung from windows) but fun just the same. Nice to see all aspects of the city from the really rich areas to the more ghetto-like areas. Interesting comparisons.
I spent the night in Patrick's apt's guest suite (one of them, really like a really really nice hotel room)[observation: Jeff has totally gotten me onto a kick of using the word 'really' this week]. Now, I'm in his sixth floor apt hammering away at the keyboard (I'm very un-used to the typical keyboards and miss my own one at home… with its gap in the middle!). This apartment building is truly WOW. I mean, basketball players live here! Thirty some-odd floors… and valet parking. Nothing like any of my friends' places at home… it'll be a change to go sleep on concrete floor in a few days when we actually get to build them houses. I still can't wait. I've a ton of toys for the kids in the area and of course whatever I need for supplies.
I think that the rest of my day will be spent helping someone move and then out for dinner with Patrick and Sam's friends (12 people total?), and maybe if they can get tickets seeing King Kong (which should be nice, although I don't have my glasses with me (no need to lose them) I'll still likely be able to see things well enough).