It feels good to be home!

So, I'm home once more (yes, my sleeping/waking schedule is completely out of wack… I'm sure I'll fix it by the time I go back to work on the 27th). I had a most excellent time in Texas and Mexico with some really wonderful people. Although I've returned to some wonderful CKI stuff, and have a ton to catch up on, not to mention a bunch of people I'll most certainly miss (thanks of course to the hospitality of Rocky, Kelly, Sam, and Daniel among others, and Rajeev and Gwen for all their hard work organizing the trip… plus all the rest of the great people I met along the way)… it feels great to be home, especially to meet a nice warm and welcoming face at the airport (thanks Jeff!). Lots of things happening surely… and I likely should get some shut-eye tonight before volunteering up a storm in the morning… but hey… it's been a great time overall!

BTW… coming home to the notice that I've won a scholarship is certainly not a bad thing either! YAY for being a UofA Alumni and thus eligible for that extra $2500!!! 🙂

The Christmas cards and presents are also a nice welcome home!