Insanely long quiz from Mim

1) Name: Ali
2) Age: 23
3) Location: Here! 🙂
4) Birthday: July 24
5) Height: 5'3
6) Weight: 125ish (I don't own a scale)
7) Sex: female
8) Sexual Orientation: heterosexual
9) Single or Taken: Single
10) Eye Color: brown
11) Hair Color: brown
12) Ethnicity: mixed: Asian and Caucasian
13) Heritage: Japanese, Polish, Norweigan
14) School/College attending: UofA
15) Job, if any: Cashier
16) Label Yourself: Me!
17) Nicknames: Alicat, AliKira, AliG
18) Do you like yourself? yes! 🙂

Family Matters
19) What are your parents' names? some things I don't post on lj
20) Do you still live with them? nope
21) What do they do for work? some things I don't post on lj
22) Siblings? two brothers
23) Siblings' names and ages: some things I don't post on lj
24) Who is your favorite relative: how on earth would I choose??
25) Least favorite relative: how on earth would I choose?? none of 'em really!
26) How many cousins do you have? 11 first cousins I think… past that I don't remember.
27) How many aunts and uncles? 13 I think
28) How many grandparents still alive? 2. *sighs*

You Gotta Have Friends…
29) Name your best friend: Gah… Kim probably although there are others…
30) Girl friends you're close to: too many to list
31) Guy friends you're close to: too many to list
32) Ever had a crush on a friend? yes.
33) Did it ever turn into anything? a few times.
34) Do you believe in best friends forever? I dunno. perhaps?
35) Who is your shoulder to cry on? *sighs* I dunno. I wish I truly did. Although Nicole, Sheena, Erin, Josh, and others were incredibly helpful when my grandmother died, I didn't actually physically cry on any of their shoulders, as much as I may have wanted to. Crying over the phone isn't quite so terribly satisfying as on a real shoulder.
36) Who always listens to you when you rant and rave? Actually whomever's around sometimes… but really I dunno. There are a bunch o' people.
37) Do you have friends at work? yes. Actually most of the front end girls are great although not necessarily close… and the guys from the whole store do tend to be fun… the Christmas party can attest to that!
38) Who was your best friend when you were little? Really little it would have been Megan… beyond that it changed a bit.
39) What is your outlook on friends with benefits? Probably not a good idea for me, particularily since physical touch is kinda important to me.
40) Can you still be friends with your ex? yes. I have several friends who are exes.
41) Who's your newest friend? My golly, I have to choose one??
42) What friends have you lost touch with? hmmmph far too many.
43) Do you ever think about calling them? rarely… if I have their numbers (unlikely)…
44) Do you ever drink with friends? no, not really, well, maybe… but given that I rarely finish a whole drink… I doubt that you should call it 'drinking'.
45) How about smoking or drugs of some kind? no.
46) Which of your friends did you last spend time with? hmmm… unless you count co-workers… Ashley and other volunteers at the SU kids Christmas party.
47) … And what did you do together? volunteered at the SU Kids Christmas party.
48) Do you really love your friends? Of course!

All You Need is Love…
49) Who was your first 'crush' when you were young? Peter (in kindergarten)
50) How about your first REAL crush? gah! How am I supposed to know?? Really there have been quite a few.
51) When's the last time you spoke to either of those people? *laughs* years? Over a decade? Something like that.
52) Did you ever have a crush on someone way older than you? sure. Why does age matter, really?
53) Like a teacher? nope.
54) An older sibling's friend? I don't have older siblings.
55) How about someone alot younger? Quantify a lot younger please! I mean there's something to be said for movie star crushes and otherwise but… I mean there's limitations also.
56) Ever have a crush on the same person as your friend? sure.
57) Who got him/her? She did.
58) How did you feel about it? Unsurprised.
59) Did it last? some of them did.
60) Who do you consider to be your first love? hmmm… I dunno. What type of 'love' are you talking about (probably no one)
61) How long did you date that person? I likely haven't (depending on your definition).
62) His/her name: n/a
63) When did this happen? n/a
64) Was it true love or just puppy love? Oh, I've have puppy love, but that wasn't the question!
65) Do you believe in soulmates? perhaps.
66) How many significant others have you had? I think I should list 3.
67) What was your longest relationship? approx 2 months? Who's counting.
68) Who was it with? Dan and Scott (who was longer? I dunno).
69) How old are they now? uhhh… well Dan's turning 24 in a week I think… and Scott's 27? I think?
70) Why did you break up? they seemed to like me more than I did in that way. so it was only reasonable that I ended it (although I'm sure I didn't do a very good job at the time).
71) How about your shortest relationship? 10 days.
72) Who was it with? Curtis
73) How old are they now? 27? 28? something like that.
74) Why did you break up? it wasn't 'right'
75) Who really loved you? ?? good question.
76) Who did you really love? see above or n/a
77) Try to explain love: A deep attraction… and then I'd have to go into types of love… which isn't my plan for the moment.
78) What's your favorite love song? *sighs* there are simply too many. If I had to pick one off the top of my head that comes to mind… how about Love Story or Where do I begin or A Time for Us or….
79) Who do you want to be with right now? Someone with whom I can happily have a longterm relationship… you know… grow old with… who cares about me, respects me, can deal with my faults, and well… loves me too.
80) Your celebrity crush: hmmm… how about Topher Grace? Why not?
81) Ever been with someone your parents loved? I don't even want to figure out what this question is asking… but well… I've never had a relationship long enough to know what my parents really thought… and I'm pretty sure they'd be happy if I was happy so, meh.
82) Or someone they hated? see above.
83) Ever liked a relative: not in the hopeless romance way… but I'd better like my family!
84) Ever been really in love? how many questions have to ask the same thing?
85) Do you like being in love? yes probably.
86) Sometimes love just hurts, doesn't it? No doubt about it.
87) Who's your true love? ???

Let's Talk About Sex, Baby [Mim cut this]

This or That
176) TV or radio: both!
177) PC or Mac: PC (because I'm more used to it)
178) Coke or Pepsi: ugh.
179) White or Black: can't choose! Black because it doesn't get dirty as easily.
180) Yes or No: yes
181) Plane or Train: hmmm… can't choose! Plane
182) Car or Truck: Car
183) Movie: Seven or Thirteen: haven't seen either.
184) 7 or 13: 7
185) Boston or New York City: never been to either… but can't wait to go to Boston in the summer!
186) Puppies or Kitties: Kittens
187) Mario Brothers or Legend of Zelda: uhhh… both are great how about Mario Brothers.
188) Nintendo, Sony, Segam XBox, etc: Sony?
189) Cellar or Basement: Basement
190) North or South: North
191) East or West: West
192) Spain or France: France.
193) Made in China or Made in Japan: Japan
194) California or Florida: California
195) Beer or Wine: Wine, if I have to.
196) Bud, Miller, or something else: Meh.
197) 18 or 21: 21
198) Kids or no kids: Kids
199) Boys or Girls: ??
200) Love or Sex: Love
201) Friends or Family: both!
202) You or Me: Me! 😉
203) Poetry or Short Stories: I like writing and reading both!
204) English or Math: oh gosh darn it hard question!!! Both? English?
205) City or Country: City
206) Day or Night: Night
207) Pink or Purple: Purple
208) Rain or Shine: Shine
209) All or None: All
210) Poker or Rummy: rummy? both are great though.
211) Yea or Nay: Yea
212) Football or Baseball: Football (Woo, Edmonton!)
213) Blue Ink or Black Ink: Black Ink
214) Hearts or Stars: Stars
215) Movies or Music: Music
216) ADD or ADHD: Hmm… ADD, I guess.
217) Diet or Regular: Regular
218) Hot Coffee or Iced Coffee: NEITHER!
219) Donut, Muffin, or Bagel: bagel
220) Grape or Strawberry Jam: Strawberry
221) Lemon or Lime: Lime
222) Apples or Oranges: Oranges if they're mandarin
223) Nose Ring or Belly Button Ring: neither.
224) Piercings or Tattoos: ?? I dunno.
225) Glasses or Contacts: I like my glasses.
226) Hobbies or Sports: Both?
227) Reading or Writing: Both!
228) Green or Red: RED!
229) January or July: July
230) Work or Play: Play
231) Skirt or Dress: ack! I like both loads!
232) Corvette or Mustang: corvette
233) Cop or Policeman: policeman.
234) Sex or Sleep: hmmm… ??
235) Male Teachers or Female Teachers: doesn't matter, as long as they can teach!

236) Your musical genre of choice: all sorts!
237) Favorite solo artists: Hmmm… too many to list really… Damien Rice, and so many others!
238) Favorite bands: again too many to list… Barrage, Lamb, Barenaked Ladies, and The Presidents of the United States of America do come to mind however.
239) Music Genre you never listen to and never will: n/a I once thought electronica wasn't my taste in music, but then I discovered Air and Lamb…
240) Favorite song at the moment: again, there's too many good ones.
241) Best song by your favorite band: Gosh so many! Lamb — Bonfire, Barenaked Ladies — Green Christmas, Barrage — Old Joe's Favorite, The Presidents of the United States of America — Some Postman
242) Do you like to dance? Hell Yeah!
243) What kind of songs do you like to dance to? All sorts!
244) Do you ever go clubbing? yes, sometimes.
245) Are you even old enough? yes
246) Do you sing? Karaoke is good times. I don't sing well however…
247) Have you ever been in a chorus? yes… from grade 3-6.
248) How about school band? yes in seventh grade. I played the flute and percussion. I prefered the drums to the flute (which I stunk at)
249) Or a music club at school? I so wish…
250) Have you ever been in a band? no.
251) What was it called, or what would you call your band? n/a
252) Have you ever played any musical instruments? recorder, flute, piano, percussion…
253) What musical artists do you detest? do I really detest any musical artists conclusively?
254) Do you live for music? nope… although I do love it.
255) Do you own any records or 8 tracks? yes I own records… they're just at my parents' house in storage. I got rid of my 8 tracks when I got rid of my 8 track player.
256) How about cassette tapes? I've got quite the collection gathering dust.
257) Number of CDs you own: the collection grows.
258) How many are burned CDs? not many. Probably 5ish?
259) Do you burn your own CDs? nope.
260) Do you have any tapes/DVDs of concerts? nope.
261) Who was your favorite band/artist when you were a kid? Celine Dion in French for a time… The Beatles etc.
262) How many concerts have you been to? hmmm… a bunch… probably around 10 or something.
263) What bands have you seen live? Barenaked Ladies, Savage Garden, Edwin, David Usher, Barrage, Goo Goo Dolls, Five for Fighting, Twisted Sister, Theory of a Deadman, Randy Bachman and probably a few others.
264) Do you support local bands? yes.
265) Do any of your friends have a band? yes.
266) Promo Time! Advertise for a band here: hmmm… I really want to see Columbus sometime, as I never have… not that they're necessarily playing anytime soon. And I love Barrage!!
267) What do you think of American Idol? *shrugs* not my fave.
268) What do you think of Kelly Clarkson and Clay Aiken? some of her songs are catchy. I don't even know what he sings.
269) Country: love it or hate it? love it.
270) What would you name your band if you had one of your own? I dunno.

Movies, Movies, Movies
271) What is your favorite movie? Well… I do love the newest addition to my collection: the 1968 Romeo&Juliet
272) How many movies do you own? less than a few dozen.
273) Do you like to rent movies? sure… but I don't do it very often at all.
274) How much does it cost for a ticket at the local movie theater? Anywhere from .50 to 15 dollars, depending on the theatre and type of movies they show.
275) Have you ever been to a drive-in movie? No.
276) What was the last movie you saw in the theater? Harry Potter
277) What was the last movie you saw at home? Romeo&Juliet (the 1968 version)
278) What is your favorite movie genre? I dunno… depends on my mood.
279) Do you like movies in general? Sure.
280) How do you feel about sequels? depends on the movie franchise.
281) What movies did you see and hate? My Best Friend's Wedding, The Mexican, Dazed and Confused and probably a few others… the odd thing is normally these would be movies I would like… but somehow I didn't.
282) Who is your favorite actor(s)/actress(es)? Topher Grace, Johnny Depp, Natalie Portman, Alexis Bledel, Julia Stiles…
283) Favorite Actress: See last question.
284) Favorite writer or producer: Hm… dunno.
285) Do you like the James Bond movies? Sure.
286) How about Back to the Future? Only seen the first one in entirety and remembering it… so, sure?
287) Star Wars? yes… the ones I've seen that is (I still need to see 3, 5 & 6 in full)
288) Indiana Jones? I think so. I don't remember 'em.
289) Lord of the Rings? Sure.
290) Is the book better or the movie? depends on what was written first… and so on. Usually the book is though.
291) What was your favorite movie when you were little? I dunno. there were a bunch.
292) What movies are you looking forward to? Gosh… a bunch. I need to see Rent though.

TV Shows
293) What is your current favorite TV show(s)? Gilmore Girls, CSI…
294) Do you watch it/them religiously? Nope
295) How many average hours per day do you spend watching TV? One or two if at all usually.
296) What channel do you get your news from? Global or CTV usually. Sometimes CBC but my reception stinks.
297) Are you a couch potato? No, but I do spend a fair bit of time in front of computer and/or TV screens.
298) What old TV shows do you miss? Square 1, the wonder years, Lois and Clark, Roswell, Batman (the live action one with blue costumes), etc.
299) Do you buy boxed sets of Seasons of TV shows you like? No, I get them as gifts.
300) Do you remember the shows you liked from when you were a kid? Yes.
301) Do you like reality shows? Uhh… yeah.
302) How about game shows? Yeppers!
303) Have you ever watched the Spanish Channel? No.
304) Have you ever seen a movie/tv show in a language that you didn't understand? Yes. Sometimes subtitled. Then thereΓÇÖs Japanese TV.
305) Do you have cable/satellite? No.
306) Did you buy a plasma TV yet? Nope.
307) Kids, is there a TV in your room? NO.
308) What TV show do you avoid watching at all costs? Soap operas.

309) Do you play videogames? Some, yep.
310) What systems have you played on? PS2, X-Box, Computer, gameboy, Nintendo and Super Nintendo, Nintendo 64, etc.
311) What systems do you own? Just my computer.
312) What are your all time favorite games? ItΓÇÖs still Master of Magic although it always crashed and gave me the blue screen of death.
313) What series do you like? ??
314) Who are your favorite videogame characters? I dunno.
315) Do you like RPGs or fighting games? RPGs or or puzzle and card games I think
316) Would you rather play alone or with others? Alone or online or networked with/against others for puzzle and card games
317) Do you play with people online? Rarely, but it eats my time… so I keep it to a minimum.
318) Are you a true gamer? No.
319) How many games do you own? A few… but many are at my parents’ place… and are really my brothers’ games too.
320) Do you like first-person shooters? Not particularly. I’m not terribly good at ‘em… unless it’s like Doom or something.
321) Do you prefer old games or new games? Depends on the game.

Your ComputerBox Needs Words
322) Do you own a computer? yes
323) What kind of computer do you use? It's a PC… AMD processorΓǪ Skeleton machine.
324) What operating system (OS) are you running on the computer? Windows 98 SE
325) You use the internet, huh? Yeppers. Loads!
326) How much do you know about your computer? Eh, as much as I need to hopefully/.
327) What virus protection(s) do you use? Norton Anti-virus
328) Do you play computer games? Sometimes.
329) What kind of computer do you remember using as a kid? Texas Instruments Computer… and later PCs running Dos and windows variations.
330) Do you ever win at solitare? Yes.
331) Do you play card games online? sometimes.
332) Do you have an online journal? Yes.
333) How about a myspace account? No.
334) Do you post pictures of yourself and friends online? No really… I need to find a good site for that.
335) Do you have a website? Yeah, but itΓÇÖs not very useful.
336) Do you chat online? Sure… for meetings and IMing.
337) What messaging system(s) do you use? Trillian (AIM, MSN, ICQ and Y!)
338) How much time do you spend on the computer per day? Depends on the day: something between 1-5 hrs usually.
339) Do you think you'll ever get carpel tunnel syndrome? Hopefully not.
340) Ever mess around in MS-DOS? I used to when I was younger
341) Do you download music for free? Not particularly… only if someone recommends/posts/sends them to me.
342) Or do you pay for it? I might get the CD if itΓÇÖs good.
343) Do you have a CD burner? No.
344) Or a DVD burner? Nope.
345) Ever downloaded movies? No.
346) Do you do research online? yes of course.
347) Do you shop online? sometimes… rarely.
348) Do you have an email address? 4-5 that I check regularly.
349) Has your computer ever made you very angry? of course.
350) Do you have a desktop or a laptop computer? Desktop.
351) Have you ever visited Of course!
352) Do you do surveys or quizzes online? yes! Often!
353) Do you download any porn? not really. What constitutes porn? And what if it was for a school project? And what about whether it was intentionally or not? Hmmm? Maybe I have, maybe I haven't.
354) What is your homepage set to? On Firefox:, on Opera:, on IE:

Pahk your cah in Havad Yahd
355) Ooops, I've been to Boston, you mind? not particularly… although normal English is easier to understand in written form.
356) So, what's your dream car? I'd prefer a flying dragon
357) Do you have a car? Nope.
358) How long have you been driving? I haven't driven since 2001… and I got my learner's license in like 1998
359) What's your favorite color on a car? I dunno… silver maybe? It's a car.
360) Do you like trucks? Not really, no. Although old fashioned ones can be cute.
361) Do you know alot about cars? Not particularly.
362) Do you have relatives in the auto business? No.
363) How much is your car insurance? I don't have any.
364) What do your parents drive? 2000 Honda Odyssey
365) Have you ever been in a car accident? No… unless you include when cars just slightly bump each other.
366) Ever driven on ice? I think so.
367) Or when it's pouring out? I don't seem to recall doing so.
368) How bad do you speed? I think about 10 km over the speed limit usually at most.
369) Ever been pulled over? no
370) On the highway? Nope.
371) Less than a mile from your house? no.
372) Over 100 miles from home? Nope.
373) Ever been given a speeding ticket? Nope.
374) Have you ever totalled a car? Nope.
375) What's the prettiest car you've ever seen? I dunno… probably something from the '60s or '70s or something.
376) Do you/ Would you ever own a motorcycle? no
377) What kind do you have/ Would you get if you could? No.
378) What letter license(s) do you have, if any? I've my learners license

About Your Crush or Significant Other: (these were cut before Mim got them)

401) What was/is your favorite subject in school? well currently it's pretty close but I have to go with my writing class.
402) Favorite teacher(s): too many good ones.
403) Do you miss elementary school? no.
404) What year of school was your favorite? well this one is pretty darn amazing… but in grade school I'd have to say my years in IB.
405) Public or Private School: Public
406) What were/are your high school colors? black white and red
407) Your Mascot: Salvester the Sabre toothed tiger
408) Best Sport: In high school: swimming (I was on the team). In University: Ballroom dancing… and I also play soccer I guess but I'm not that great at.
409) Sports You Didn't/Don't Have: I dunno… a bunch.
410) Have you been/Are you going to college: University is great.
411) What is/was your worst subject: *shrugs* I wasn't very good at Japanese in University… or at Immunology for that matter…. but in high school I'd have to say something like gym or something.
412) What is/was your GPA: 3.5 currently I think.
413) What was the last grade you completed? First year of second degree.
414) You were/are the class of? 2000, 2004 and either 2007 or 2008.
415) Do you like/miss high school? I miss some of the people from high school.
416) Who did you hang with? Kim, Dan, and a bunch 'o others.
417) What is/was your label: *shrugs* In high school goody-two-shoes maybe? Now? I think CKI person maybe?
418) Were/are people cliquey at your high school? yeah… somewhat. I was on the fringes of several.
419) Did/Do you participate in sports? swim team in high school… now ballroom dance, and soccer.
420) How about clubs? In high school: yearbook, student council, grad committee, anime club… now: CKI and I guess UA-WiSE too.
421) Student Council? I was VP in High School. In University I prefer being an SU volunteer.
422) Have you ever been a class officer? No…
423) Did/Do you take school seriously? As seriously as necessary I suppose. I did goof off a lot in high school… but it was a good kind of goofing around.
424) Did your parents have to make you study and do homework? nope… they made me do chores like dishes though!
425) Did/Do you have good study habits? *shrugs* probably not. But it all gets done somehow.

Do You Know…
426) Your blood type? yes.
427) What your name means? insofar as I can, yes.
428) Your grandmothers' first names? yes.
429) What the meaning of life is? 42! 🙂
430) How to read musical notes? yes.
431) More than one language? yes.
432) Why your parents named you what they did? yes to a certain extent.
433) Where your dad's family comes from? Canada… and before that, Norway and Poland
434) Or your mom's? Canada… and before that Japan
435) The answer to number seven? After looking, yep.
436) Why the SATs are so lengthy and boring? To make them comprehensive… sure.
437) Your significant other/crush's blood type? not likely.
438) About your crush/significant other's ex-boyfriends or ex-girlfriends? perhaps. Depends on whether or not I have a crush at the moment! 😉
439) Anyone's phone number by heart? A few people, yeah.
440) The name of your soulmate? nope
441) The Muffin Man? doesn't everyone? 😉
442) The price of a gallon of milk? we don't measure it in gallons here… but I know the price of a four liter jug… what type did you want?
443) Or a gallon of gas? we don't measure it in gallons but in liters and I do know the price for a liter.
444) How many years the 100 years war lasted? 42?
445) The name of one of your senators? Isn't Tommy Banks a senator?
446) Who the President of the United States is today? George (Dubya) Bush
447) Why people make fun of the Polish? Let's think about this really hard… whom did everyone conquer and rape… historically that is? yeah… Polish people are mutts! I'm a mutt! Very nice mixture if I say so myself.
448) Where sugar comes from? plants usually.

Word Association! (499-500 also missing before Mim even got to them…)

Bold the Facts – What's True About You?
501) My eyes are green.
502) I call myself short.
503) I like who I am becoming.

504) My name starts with J.
505) My dad is over 40.
506) I am wearing black pants.
507) I am going to college.
508) Rock is my favorite musical genre.
509) I like black ink better than blue ink.

510) My favorite color is silver.
511) I believe in a higher being.
512) I like the cold.
513) Reading is my favorite pasttime.
514) I like baseball.
515) I used to play soccer when I was little.
516) My favorite car is older than me.
517) I watch anime cartoons and like them.

518) I have more than two siblings.
519) My mother's name begins with E.
520) I am Irish.
521) I believe in fate.
522) I love talking on the phone.
523) Vacations are fun.
524) I can cook better than most people.
525) I always come first.

Reading & Writing
526) Do you like to read? Yes.
527) What kinds of books do you like? Fantasy and sci-fi, classics, and Can Lit lately.
528) What kinds of things do you normally read? all sorts.
529) Do you have to read certain books for school? Some.
530) Do you read for your own enjoyment? Of course.
531) Do you have any magazine subscriptions? Nope.
532) How often do you read a newspaper? at work usually.
533) Ever considered Journalism as a possible career for yourself? not particularly although it could work.
534) Do you like to write? Yes.
535) What kinds of things do you write? poetry, musings and fiction lately.
536) Do you keep a diary or journal? not really unless you count lj or my writing book
537) Have you written any poetry? YES
538) Or short stories? Some.
539) Or Fan Fiction? No… not really.
540) Do you want to publish anything you have written so far? I sort of have… although not in any really great publications.
541) Have you made a serious attempt to publish any of your work? not particularly.
542) Are reading and writing your hobbies? Yep!
543) Which do you enjoy more and why? Depends on the mood
544) When do you like to read? When I'm in the mood.
545) When do you like to write? when I've the time and the inclination
546) Do you write better when you are depressed? sometimes.
547) Have you ever experienced writer's block? Heh, definitely.
548) Or gotten a headache from thinking too much? Yep.
549) What is your favorite work of literature? No idea.
550) Do you believe that writing is an art? Of course!

551) What political label do you give yourself? I'm fiscally conservative and socially liberal I guess.
552) Are you 18, can you vote? yes
553) Are you registered and as what? In Canada you don't have to register as any particular thing… but I'm registered to vote.
554) Do you care about town and other local elections? yes.
555) How about county-related issues? Yep.
556) Do you vote for senators and house members? senators aren't elected here… although there is a vote for 'em. And I do vote for my MPs and MLAs
557) Do you get off your ass to vote for the President? we don't vote for a President unless you count SU or CKI president!
558) Are you very opinionated? depends on the issue.
559) Do you vote along party lines? depends.
560) Are you a polititian or are you looking to become one? nope.
561) Have you ever run for office? for CKI office.
562) And won? yes.
563) What is your stance on abortion? hmmm… I like the choice to be there.
564) Gay rights: People should have the same rights regardless of their sexual orientation
565) Gay marriage: It's a good thing
566) Taxes: A necessary evil.
567) Public Education: I'm a fan.
568) Welfare Programs: as long as they're managed well (etc.) they're okay… better than India's lack of them whatsoever… especially for the children. However, they are imperfect.
569) Medicare: Also a fan.
570) Tobacco Companies: Not a fan.
571) The Legalization of Marijuana: I dunno if this is a good or a bad thing. I mean really…
572) Creationism vs Evolution: firstly why does it have to be a 'vs' thing in the first place, and secondly, I don't know…. but I do believe I guess in evolution to a certain degree anyway.
573) The Under God in the Pledge of Alliegence: I don't have to deal with it. God is in the Canadian national anthem now anyhow.
574) Athiesm or Religion in School and Politics: it would be nice if we didn't have to think about this question. *sighs*
575) Our President: we don't have one. The PM is imperfect…
576) Foreign Policy of the United States: not the hugest fan but really, they're doing what they believe is in their best interests… so it's not terribly surprising.
577) Any other issues: Heh, which ones?
578) Do you believe the US should be involved in foreign wars? Not particularly. Will they be? Yes.
579) Would you vote for a black or woman candidate for president? If I were able to vote for a president, sure… if their platform was solid and so on.
580) Would you ever want to be a polititian? CKI politics are enough for me thank you very much.

Your Very Own Personal Hygene!
581) Are you a very private person? Sometimes.
582) Ever showered with someone else? Not unless you include my mom when still young.
583) Do you shower everyday? every other day usually.
584) How often do you brush your teeth? nightly.
585) Do you floss daily? I try to. At least every day or two.
586) Do you bite your nails? Not anymore
587) Or crack any of your joints? not usually.
588) Do you get enough calcium? I love dairy… so yes.
589) Do you wax/shave your eyebrows? pluck and occasionally get them waxed at the spa
590) How often do you shave? depends on what I'm wearing.
591) Do you clean up 'down there'? sure.
592) Do you flaunt your good features? when I want to.
593) Do you wear makeup of any kind? yes… when I feel like it.
594) How often do you sunburn or go tanning? I try not to.
595) Do you live healthy? sure… somewhat.
596) Are you overweight? No.
597) Are you underweight? No.
598) Do you drink? Nope.
599) What do you eat normally? yummy food.
600) Do you smoke? No!
601) Do you have any other destructive habits? Not really.
602) Are you violent? Naw.
603) Do you engage in hardcore sex? no.

Taste the Rainbow – Color Association (Again, 604-625 are missing)

Name Something That Starts With…
626) A: Alphagetti
627) B: blue
628) C: Cat
629) D: Dove
630) E: Elk
631) F: Flower
632) G: Girl
633) H: Hott (it's Erin's word from poetry!)
634) I: Ice cream
635) J: Jokes
636) K: Kindness
637) L: Laughter
638) M: Madness
639) N: Niceties
640) O: Oval
641) P: Play
642) Q: Query
643) R: Rainbow
644) S: Slime
645) T: Tickle
646) U: Ukelele
647) V: Vat
648) W: War
649) X: X marks the spot! 😉
650) Y: Yak
651) Z: Zoo