Christmas wishes 2005… as requested

News bite: I've finished my Christmas shopping! Woo! 🙂 I think my family is getting spoiled nicely this year… they deserve it. Also the Mammoth Service project is only days away… house-building! I can't wait! 🙂

So people have begun to question me in earnest as to what I want for Christmas as for material goods. I think that most people know what I want in non-material goods… and that it's not so likely for anyone to necessarily puchase/prepare/make/give idealistic things, experiences, happenings etc. etc. although it would be rather nice were it to happen.

Anywho… I'll list what I want… and state whom I've told it to in some cases (given that duplicates might just not be the coolest thing… as much as I enjoy donating items to causes of various varieties). This list is by no means all inclusive… nor is it necessarily in any particular order… although some items I clearly want more thna others

That '70s Show season 3 (told to Greg)
Gilmore Girls Season 2-5 (I've told Kim… and I've probably also told others… I really would love to have these)
Harry Potter & the Goblet of Fire SOUNDTRACK CD (my golly I love nearly every song on it, if not all of 'em… and I would love to have the CD of it all…. I mean that viennese waltz… drools…! 😉 )
Trivial Pursuit (the normal game)
A computer desk/table no more than 4 feet wide (I spend enough time at the computer that ergonomics would be nice).
Barenaked Ladies Christmas CD from last year (Barenaked for the Holidays) not a live version [as awesome as the USB drive is, I also want the CD]
Barenaked on a stick USB drive
Actually any other Barenaked Ladies CDs would be good too… although the above two ideas are the preferred ones.
A Damien Rice CD
The Presidents of the United States of America's Love Everybody CD
The Princess Bride on DVD
Topher Grace movies on DVD
Johnny Depp movies on DVD
A turtle wax seal (you know… a seal to use with wax but instead of a letter [I already have the letter A], there would be a turtle? An elephant or a butterfly would also be cool). Evidently sealing wax is cool too, although I already have enough to last me quite a while.
clothes (take me shopping?)
time at the spa… I need to relax and spend time on myself.
Good meals with great company
Spending time talking with great people.
To see some live theatre with great friends (some great Broadway is coming to Edmonton in 2006 for example… not to mention all the other awesome stuff I'd love to see)
My computer to get fixed (which Brad will do at some point)
A call displaying gizmo for my phone (Brad did say he could look into getting me one)
a new pillow (for my bed… I tend to sleep on my back and my side and NOT one of those horrendous posterapedic things… a normal pillow!)

I hope that this silly-long list is helpful… I do know that it has been asked for. Most if not all of these items are things that I am either a) unlikely to buy for myself b) really want c) ought to have or d) probably need… and would likely appreciate. Most aren't expensive. Most are even quite reasonable. Sure I want other things… as does everyone else on this planet… but you were just looking for a simplistic Christmas list, right? Besides, I rather think I've probably already mentioned desiring some of those things before this point if I truly desired them.