Clownin' Around!

So today I went to IKEA… and didn't actually step foot into the store (darn! 😉 ).

Instead… I came all clad in a multi-coloured clowning outfit complete with pigtails, a hat and a white face, and sold or rather gave out apples for donations at the exit door. It was great fun… especially with the great number of very young children enjoying my costume. Nothing like the last time I participated.

I had a fun time in any case, and raised a good amount of cash for Kiwanis. I hope that more CKIers decide to help with Apple day in the future… every time that I do, I have an incredible time… plus there's all that great fellowship to be had afterward at the BBQ at Kiwanis Safety City! (I ate too much… as per the norm…)

Now if only MY Save-On hadn't kicked out our clowns (and I truly wonder why), things would have been perfect.