Tomorrow's the first day back in school for me (and for numerous other people I would imagine too!)

So… I spent this past weekend at 'home' or rather at my family's home (honestly, I consider my apt my home now, I've lived here so long)… which was a pleasurable relaxing un-stressing time filled with watching TLC, HGTV, and Food Network Canada (plus a bit of Discovery and Access TV for the fun o' it), along with attending my brother's hockey tryouts (a great time in general… it's rather exciting to watch live sporting events… especially when it's hockey and my bro is a great player!). Eating my mom's cooking was also a joy, as I don't get to do that very often.

I've spent the past couple days volunteering at the CKI table at clubs fair (making balloon animals with defective balloons sure is effective… really!) and got to settle back into the school mode a little bit… as much as I can I guess now that I'm not volunteering for Orientation (ohhh… but I miss it!). In any case, I saw a ton of great people, watched Sin City for the first time (rather nice if you ignore the fact that the DVD player stuttered a bit in the middle…), and did my typical contest entering.

Yesterday I grocery shopped. Today I back-to-school shopped. Why? 'cause I adore the summer styles and at these prices, why not? 😉 But really, I desperately needed some new shoes for work (which I found, and the wonderful sales person was incredibly helpful too! I'm remarkably pleased). The icing on the cake was finding the skirt I was looking for (yay!), getting some basic tops that I wanted, finding some shorts that FIT(!!) and getting another casual summer dress… all for reasonable prices (okay… down right awesome ones actually!). Then I picked up some MAC (paint, a new brush, and an eyeshadow)… all in all making it a rather productive trip to WEM. And of course, this means that unless I'm shopping for something else equally important (as in school books for example? 😉 ), that should pretty much do me for school shopping for a while.

Remarkably, even in the evening hours, WEM wasn't that busy today… so I actually had a rather relaxing time picking up stuff from some of my favorite stores. Bizarre how much stuff I was actually finding that I liked… mind you I wasn't picking up new fall items (unless you include the shoes, given that the store had only put them on the shelves today, and I was the first to try and buy them) which seemed to be saturated with those wonderful *note that I'm not a huge fan of brown on me* brown tones. *shrugs*

Anywho… if you were curious as to my class schedule… I'm on campus on TWR, and I haven't decided yet whether I'll have 3 or 4 courses this semester. I'm still thinking 3 courses would be the smartest choice… but I have to actually GO to the class in question to figure that one out.