Yesterday was Alberta's 100th Birthday

And boy did I ever have a great (but tiring) time. Barrage was awesome (as always) the simulcast was great (with technical errors) and I had a stellar time. I didn't even expect that Bobby Curtola was that great live (he was!)

Anywho… here's some observations from the day:
1. Most popular item to buy from Save-On yesterday morning: Cake (birthday cake actually)
2. Adam Gregory, while still quite young, has a deeper voice than I remembered… and has become scruffy-ified… not bad but odd compared to last time I saw him (and got his autograph)
3. Barrage is still quite amazing… although I would have prefered being closer.
4. Having a dance partner would have made the event just THAT much better what with the genres of music playing.
5. k.d. lang's voice is still quite awe-inspiringly amazing. WOW.
6. I still like Paul Brandt.
7. Kurt Browning did a good job hosting.
8. The other host guy was entertaining with his parodies etc.
9. Food at 100 cents each item is MUCH better than the usual prices at such an event.
10. The time capsule is rather bizarre yet cute… in a bizarre way.
11. Gotta love fireworks… oh baby!
12. Jasper ave looks rather fun when filled with cars late at night getting home from the fireworks… without the danger of riots like on Canada Day.
13. There wasn't a performer that I didn't like performing… which was a great feat!
14. And what are the odds that I run into my aunt and uncle and spend that time with them anyway?
15. The Legislature is still remarkably beautiful… especially all lit up like that… we need more awesome open air concerts at the Leg.!
16. My 2005 Alberta Centennial flag was a real hit, yay Save-On!
17. The news coverage of the other provincial locations for the Party of the Century was rather great too!
18. Footage without sound, when of an orchestra and singing is NOT (I repeat NOT) appreciated.
19. People SHOULD NOT use umbrellas at open air concerts. I don't care how senior you are… it blocks the views of others. Other seniors even! (not to mention those of us who are shorter).
20. 100 years. hmmm… that's a long time to wait for another rockin' awesome fireworks display like that one, eh? 😉

Those of you who weren't there, you totally missed out! Catch the rebroadcast on TV tonight, then? Although it won't be as amazing as being there (and you won't see as much awesome Barrage-ness… gosh that band's composition keeps changing *sighs*) it's still a chance to see it all!