Realizing that I'd be stupid not to…

So I was thinking today: I really need to go to a Fringe show this year.

Problem: which show? How does this work? I've never been to an actual Fringe show (not that I haven't wanted to… I'm just really really good at not deciding on anything in specific… and/or not having people to go with… *shrugs* I'll go by myself this year if necessary… but I'd love to have some friends join me. I'm thinking of going Saturday and/or Sunday.

And yes, I've been to the Fringe… and seen the outdoor brouhaha… and had a lot of fun. I was even about a block away today when I picked up the money that I earned when I consigned some of my clothes. But I promised myself that if I didn't get elected to an office that would require my travel over this weekend (and evidently I didn't) that I'd go out and actually catch some of the Edmonton International Fringe Festival….

And well… I will. I'm enough of a festival junkie (I sadly missed the Street Performers Festival this year *sighs*) to want to go.

In other news… who wants to join me on the evening of September 1st at the Leg grounds for some great fun and entertainment? Barrage is playing so I'm SO there (not to mention the fact that this party is the big one to celebrate Alberta's Centennial!!)!

Oh… and apparently this free time stuff is good potatoes 😉 I mean… how else would I have gotten out to run some interesting errands today… play CKI soccer and end my evening out at the Parkallen restaurant with some yummy escargot, and lebanese meat pies (I can't spell the name of them at the moment)?? It being the last soccer game of the season, I'm sad to see it over yet again… but hey, at least I played… and today, we even had (a miraculous) number of girls: they outnumbered the guys!! It was like the first time in… well as long as I've been playing soccer for the team I suppose… that there's ever been more girls than guys show up to a game! FYI: although we are in the rec division… we DID post the best standings in our division… which is pretty awesome for a team whose slogan is/was: we just let you win.