You told me so… (finally an actual post about the latest trip)

LSSP/ICON/and a few days at Troy's mother's house… from the 7th to the 19th… it was a long time to be gone…
… but a really great time just the same.

And while my mind and body misses it all with every breath… well… I'm glad that it all happened.

Why? 'cause it taught me some things. And will pose some challenges this coming year… but also because it was filled to the brim with the creation of memories.

And well… so many 'you's told me things before at or even after ICON… which most certainly deserve comments… afterall… they do well to summarize my adventures! 😉

You told me to be more political, but what I wanted to do was do a good job at my current position… you were right… getting all political and tooting my own horn might have possibly secured me a position on this year's board… but I don't know if I'd be happy with doing all that… I'm much more pleased with all the compliments for having done a good job this year with what I needed to do.

You were right: talking eloquently and having stock speeches does make an impact, but I'm still pleased with the brush strokes (as Steve Siemens put it) and the small things rather than perhaps the large ones.

You told me that because I'm from a small district I wouldn't be as well known… you were right… even on the third day of ICON, people stopped me in the elevator and asked Are you a governor?

You were right: it's tough to go from holding an International office to not holding one… ICON is an emotional rollercoaster… and sleep is a rather useful thing to have on occaision.

I learned a lot at this convention: Pickaxes are great fun, people can accomplish tonnes when working together to better the world, and that people can indeed become united toward a common goal — even if it is the loss of a few heads of hair!

North Carolina was a wonderful area: it surprised me how amazing it was to be there, how great the convention center was and how much fun we could all have together playing Bocci ball (as much as I've always loved it).

I learned new card games, new board games, and met new people, new friends. I got to have long conversations with members and alumni alike, I had shoulders to cry on, friends to hang with, and long discussions of great import for the organization. I got to speak in front of hundreds, I got to talk one on one and got to facilitate a workshop.

I had the joy of success, and the pain of not quite reaching my goals. I had the pleasure of saying hello and the reality of saying goodbye. I got to survive off of candy and junk food and have some of the best meals that I've had the joy of eating. I walked in many department stores, dollar stores, Target, Kmart, and Walmart… visited a town with the same name as my high school, and saw the sights of the interstates.

We had parties, sleepovers, and block parties, dances, meals out, sleep deprived daytimes, service filled days and really, an amazing culmination of a year which for me involved some of the most amazing experiences.

And the tears at closing session told the tale… CKI and the Kiwanis family will always be part of my life somehow. This year has truly helped make me whom I am today…

And having helped shave the wave… I think I'm happy with it all.
Thank you to everyone for an amazing year.