Thinking that a bowl of raspberries with milk and sugar makes a delicious breakfast…

So my birthday, while excellent in many ways, was as usual underattended. Really, this doesn't bother me that much… however, I had hoped to see a lot of people and well, for the most part didn't. And yes, tears were had… as per oh so many other birthdays. Not necessarily bad tears, but droplets of salty water just the same. My life's like that.

Friday night's adventures at Sweet 69 was fun (dancing at is indeed great fun). To a certain extent I felt a bit old… but I guess that's more a mental association with clubs and youth and myself having been so un-used to frequenting them before (because of smoke). Now that they're smoke free, I can see myself going perhaps more frequently… mind you more frequently than almost not at all is not all that frequently… my being crazy busy and all! 😉

Saturday was a windy day… the farmers market almost blew over… and we kept getting pelted by rocks… but I picked up some rather yummy foodstuffs… as did Shauna. Much fun was had! Then we nixed the park (partly due to the flying rocks and mostly 'cause of the 70-km/hr gusts of wind), and watched a couple of movies at my place before the delectable goodies at The Creperie and the ballroom dance fun of the evening. The dance was excellent, which was spent with many awesome people… and ended with a trip for bubble tea.

Sunday was fun also… but much more laid back: we had some great times at the Taste of Edmonton, relaxed at my place, and then ate out at Gabbana which was great: the server even put a candle in our cake slice!

After everyone went home… I wrote and watched the gloriously awesome Gilmore Girls season one which was gifted to me by two awesome individuals. *sighs* such fun!

Now… although I sometimes actually felt old (happens when my friends are significantly younger) and sometimes like a young bumpkin (when my friends were significantly more world-wise), my birthday did motivate me to reach higher… and do more… and well hopefully fly (not fall!) in the pursuit of my dreams! 🙂