My room is actually getting clean! Call the reporters! ;)

So… last night I decided I wasn't in the mood to hit K-days following my 8-hr shift at work… instead, I just wanted to relax at home with some Gilmore Girls goodness and hopefully get some cleaning done. Surprisingly, cleaning actually WAS done! And my room is en route to getting clean!!

Anywho… I found another one of those awesome quizzes online. This one on humour. And really it was interesting. It claims I'm The Provacateur… and I rather disagree with it's assessment… but whatever, it was interesting.

I can't believe that summer is really almost over… I mean… my summer freedom is really… next month I'll be so darn busy… and this weekend is no exception (not my fault that some of the bestest volunteer opportunities happen to always happen at the same time! I mean… it's not every year that the World Masters Games comes to town… and then there's K-Days and the Heritage Festival. Fortunately, it's a long weekend, and I'll get paid super well for working the holiday!).