Ali Birthday update! :)

So… Apparently, this weekend I turn 23 years old… and of course this is time for a celebration. Come on out if you've some time! I'd love to see you. Really. The main reason for the plethora of events is so that… well… I have fun and see people before becoming one of the most super busy people ever come August. So here's an update on the events of the days:

Saturday July 23rd, 2005
10am-Noonish:Farmer's Market outing for breakfast/lunch/fun times. Unless it's pouring (which it shouldn't be) we'll go to the City Market on 104th, as it's outdoors and wonderful (and also Alberta's oldest Farmers Market!!). If it rains, Strathcona Farmer's market will be the plan, which would also involve taking the streetcar there and back. Feel free to meet us either at the market, or at my house first (if you need my address, call me or email me)
1-4pmish: Let's go to the Park for frisbee or other fun! Someone reminded me on Canada day that they ALWAYS went to the park on their birthday… so I thought why not? If it's a nice day, we'll go to KITCHENER PARK at 11411 – 103 AVENUE (that should be the right address) to go play some casual frisbee and perhaps some other fun stuff. Feel free to bring along skip ropes, balls or other projectiles (as I only really have a frisbee). If it rains we'll spend time in my apt, perhaps watching a movie or something.
5PM: Tasty Saturday at The Creperie! I haven't been to The Creperie since high school. This I think is a horrible mistake. So, we'll go for what one group of my friends would call a Tasty Saturday. This means that we go to a restaurant on a Saturday for some great food! 🙂 I've made a reservation for 6. If you can't come, are bringing more people, or can come, I can call and change the reservation, so just let me know. More info on this restaurant is found at
After dinner (it starts at 7pm): Ballroom Dance Social! This will be held at Dinwoodie lounge on the UofA campus (located on the second floor of the Student Union building)… $5 per person, and $3 if you have a UADC membership ( Even if you don't know how to dance really, it'll be fun, I can assure you that someone will teach you a few moves, and there'll likely be snack food, water, great people and great tunes!

The dance will likely last until 1amish… I don't know how long we'll stay or what we'll do afterwards (people often head to BPs or elsewhere afterward), but provided you tell me first, you are free to stay over at my place… depending on numbers we might need more blankets/sleeping bags, but I dunno the interest for something like that.

MY 23rd BIRTHDAY!! Sunday, July 24th, 2005

11am-2pmish: The Taste of Edmonton! A personal tradition: I love to hit The Taste of Edmonton on my birthday, and have done so very often since I was a child. This will be at Sir Winston Churchill Square and is one of my favoritest festivals in Edmonton. Meet me at my place first (10:30ishAM) or meet me at the Square… it might be easier to find each other if you come to my place first (and it's a beautiful walk)! More info can be found at and there's certainly some form of great food available for everyone!! 🙂 Not to mention some decent entertainment 🙂
3pm-whenever: Card playing fun and Birthday Celebration at Ali's apt so for the rest of the day my plan is to hang out with great friends at my place, perhaps play some cards (it would be oodles of joy to play a good long game of Oh Hell ('tis a card game, and yes I'll teach you if you don't know how to play)) since I haven't played cards for quite some time (I've watched more poker on tv even!). For dinner, I'm thinking of maybe taking a jaunt over to Gabbana (it's one of my favoritest restaurants in the whole wide world… I haven't had ANYTHING from their menu that I didn't like, and their desserts are exquisite!!!)… not to mention the fact that their menu is rather inexpensive on Sunday evenings, which also helps.