Klondike Days: Ali's adventures on Day 1

Okay… some of you know that I really truly adore the summer festival season. Others might know that I utterly enjoy K-Days (partly 'cause it does happen around my birthday every year, but that's another story in itself, and not nearly so happy-go-lucky). Yesterday was another truly enjoyable day spent at Northlands.

Now, you must understand that part of my joy at Klondike days is always the Kiwanis Giant Slide… which very much amuses me (especially when I'm volunteering at it, which I was last night… selling our marvelously inexpensive slide tickets ($1/person/ride! The most inexpensive ride at K-Days, and really the best 😉 )). It was terribly fun sitting there relaxing and selling ticket after ticket on such a marvelously beautiful evening.

Now the afternoon was a different story: I certainly wasn't just sitting and selling stuff. I got some good quality exercise wandering the grounds as per the usual, indulging in carnival treats (actually, I got bubble tea, and chicken snitzel plus a bunch of free samples… *shrugs*) and watching the circus (better than last year's I think, and rather fun… but nothing jaw breakingly amazing). I enjoyed as always, the International Marketplace, and was incredibly pleased with the Prairie Finds pavillion in the Agricom. Why? Well, primarily because they had imagination-shaking Louis Lavoie paintings. I adore Louis Lavoie paintings, but simply don't have thousands of dollars sitting around to purchase one of his originals (yet anyway… someday when I have a house of my own and somewheres to put it… I'm going to get me one! I like his work THAT much! Ever since I discovered it at The Works years ago, he's been one of my total favorites!!). Well, I did manage to find a wonderful framed print however that I couldn't resist picking up. Somehow, I'll get a nail in the wall and hang it, too. It's just that kind of wonderful! 🙂 It's a little girl fishing off of a dock with a gorgeous little dinosaur. *sighs*

I think I came out better than usual from K-Days this time: my frivolous purchases have matured (slightly anyhow) into something I can truly enjoy… and I did have a great time.

Stay tuned for my adventures at K-Days on the 26th (would anyone like to join me to catch Wil perform at Bonanza Park? I can't make it to the Arrogant Worms unfortunately (working), but wanna catch Wil perform again (after his amazing performance on Canada Day). I have a two-for-one K-Days admission coupon from my volunteering at the Masters that I would love to use), and on the 29th (when I volunteer at K-Days yet again!).