A farewell to smoking bars

So last night I went out to Michael's Pub & Grill for noteably the first time… but unless some plans spring up miraculously in the next few days it'll be the last time I'll be in a bar in Edmonton where smoking is allowed… and thus hypothetically it will be the last time where I'll be caught up in stupid coughing fits. I rather enjoy not having to be doubled up coughing and I rather enjoy breathing clean air.

That said… I had a wonderful time enjoying all the great karaoke music… and the bad songs. Unfortunately (or fortunately given that I don't have the bestest singing voice) my song didn't get played… so I didn't have to sing afterall… but it was much more fun singing along with the crowd… and watching my co-workers and others table dance… dance in general… and get up to all sorts of crazy-like things…

Really… I can't wait until the bars actually let me breathe (well asides from the few that have already gone non-smoking since those are already awesome). And really… the intense showering to get the scent off of me is rather more work than I would prefer to have necessary.

But regardless… I need more karaoke fun times… especially since there'll be karaoke at ICON.

And hey… as much as my singing stinks…. I love to sing.