Join me for Canada Day fun times?

Hi to everyone!

So Friday's Canada day. I'm not working. I'm not even out of the country. Instead… I think I'll take in a day of fun and frolic (aka. good times). Here's my plan… feel free to join me (as I'd love to see you!)

Free Canada Day Breakfast at South Legislature Grounds (I think I'll head over around 8am or so… if you want to meet me at my place and go over together… feel free… breakfast is between 7am-9am)

I'll probably take in some of the festivities at hte Legislature and/or City Hall. I doubt I'll make it to Whyte for the Silly Summer Parade… but that's an option. If anyone wants to join me, feel free. I know that there's three people who need to meet up with me to get their BNL (etc.) concert tix before the concert also.

I want to do lunch somewheres… with some people. This is the day the bars all go non-smoking… so I was thinking of hiting up a good quality pub (any ideas? I'm prefering something on Jasper Ave… or MAYBE Whyte… but Jasper preferably).

3pm is the doors to the Celebrate Canada Jam at Commonwealth… so I'll probably try to be there around 3pm (negotiating crowds is much easier that way)… those of you who need tix from me should plan to catch up with me on Canada day or tomorrow (my day off also!)… those of you who need tix = Gerard, Brad and Dianna).

Following the concert… I plan on hitting the Legislature grounds to catch the waterfall and the fireworks… which should be awesome given that it's the first ever fireworks festival for Canada Day in Edmonton.

At some point I wanna grab food. *shrugs*

PLEASE join me for some of these great times!! It's always less fun alone.