Work… A play… oh and right: some of you might have noticed that I have a social life (woo!)

So… what's been a whirlwind of activity… is quite pleasant, welcome, and comfortable.

Today, I went and worked a good 6 hr shift at work (duh!). This was quite unusual since we weren't quite so busy as imagined. Also, I was thinking too much. I gotta stop thinking TOO much whilst working at work sometime given how incredibly useful it is to, well… not over think things in my spare (what spare?) time.

Anywho… once that was over and done with… I scurried off to my apt to change and head over to the excellent play (part of NEXTfest) that I'd been invited to see with a huge group of stellar individuals (some of whom I only just met whilst there). This of course leads to an evening of fun and excellent conversations, some of which with people that, again, I haven't seen nearly enough of for the past year(s). Surprising how interestingly friend groups work out.

What else is new? Well asides from what some people (aka. those of you who have been seeing me as of late) have noticed (but not unrelated to that, certainly!), I've been having hmmm… what I might call a good quality social life. Now, I'm still really truly missing seeing some of you (you ought to know who you are…), but this is certainly a great great thing (hmmm… I wonder if I should start typing with a tonne of extra superlatitives… would you all notice?). It always feels good to spend time with awesome people.