Great way to listen to music online…

So… many people know that I'm not one of those people who likes to spend hours upon hours downloading music: in fact I rather just download what people send to me or recommend (and make easy). People might also know that I've enjoyed internet radio in the past, but that I have a rather hard time finding stations that I enjoy. Others might even know that I've done music rating online. Suffice to say, I like music.

So I'm as of yet very happy with this website. It's rather simple to use and has a lot of variety available on it… I'm enjoying myself and it's not eating up my hard drive space or anything rediculous like that.

The site is: Last FM

If it continues to be this awesome in my books… it might be somewheres I might even try to spend some of my free paypal cash on… at some point. Check it out! 🙂