So I finally got another internet browser working… Oh and you'll be invited…

Fed up with my computer not liking me… I installed firefox. Mind you, knowing me, I'll probably stick with using Opera and IE fairly often… but Firefox will likely become more and more a prefered browser over time. Once exams are over I really ought to look in to getting the computer fixed… like I've been saying for over a year now. I hope the offers are still good.

In other news… I'm planning a get-together at my place at the end of the month. I'm thinking Friday the 29th will be the most likely date at this point since unlike the surrounding days, I've not anything else scheduled into my life just yet. It'll be themed somehow (which I'll figure out tomorrow most likely). Given that I've hardly seen any of you lately… you're invited (provided you know me… and I do want RSVPs… if possible…). It'll really be a good chance to unwind and catch up… and perhaps indulge in some childish stuff. I'd plan something more involved… but I think given how busy I've been as of late I doubt I'll be up to much more than cleaning my disaster area of an apartment and setting up a themed potluck party. I really ought to be entertaining more frequently.

Anywho… I'm working at 7am… so I probably ought to get some shut-eye.