It's high time for complaining…

So, my printer hates me.

It's only hated me for the past… oh 6 months-ish… and so I really ought not complain. But it hates me. It was being REALLY finicky about when it would want to print my work (often it took sending print jobs to print… then restarting the computer and then clicking on yes (meaning yes I wanted to continue printing) before it would let me print anything.

Then… for the space of maybe 2 weeks… it was working again. All the time. Rather fine and dandy.

Before today that is.

Now, all it wants to do is spew out empty pages. It goes through the actions but doesn't really print anything at all.

This wouldn't be so frustrating if I didn't have a paper due tomorrow (that's all done and pretty-like… but won't print!)… and if I didn't have like upteen million pages to print for the Board meeting this coming weekend.

[In other news, I'll be in Indianapolis, IN from Saturday until Tuesday. I leave on a Red-eye in the wee hours of Saturday morning… and will be back late Tuesday evening.]

*Takes the time to utter a big loud growl of frustration at printer*

Tomorrow I'm going to buy ink. I think it's necessary. *sighs*