Back from the USA…

This weekend… I visited 3 states… met with people from at least 7… and generally had an excellent time with Easter and the U-I District Convention.

Not only did I get the best nights' sleep that I've had in years (lovely king-sized bed in a luxurious hotel mini-suite, which fortunately did not cost their district anything more than a normal room), but I got to have many productive conversations, honour the individuals most deserving of said honours, and spent a wonderful Easter Sunday in Ontario, Oregon.

Mafia fun times were great… filled with intrigue of course! The house had the usual silliness (but a whole lot more productiveness and realistic goings on). The campus was great, the weather was utterly glorious… and I'm so proud of the district for having put on such a stellar weekend. Yay for Easter hunts, and the Service Fiesta of great times! 🙂

It feels kind of weird to be back home actually. Slowly, I'm catching up on email, internet and a good quality read-through of the board book.

This weekend feels surreal… such a successful one. And I even got to see Stacey, whom I hadn't seen in months. Very fabulous overall.

One more big travel to undertake during this school year.