Quit steaming up the back window… You're So HOT!

I love my friends. They're so utterly excellent!
While my homework is unfortunately not doing itself… *sighs* I've been having a glorious Reading Week! Not only have I been called HOT, but I've purchased excellent items, spent time on myself, relaxed, gotten healthier, and gone out to excellent restaurants, but I've seen my fabulous friends from various circles quite a bit also!

CKI things are coming along nicely. I received my tickets in the mail for Idaho and Indy… so that's set. And I'm definitely working hard at helping the WeCan with our DCON. Such fun!! I can't wait (well… actually I can… at least until I get my work done… but I really am looking forward to it!!!)!

Now if only my homework would do itself… 😉 Ta-Ta!