Happy New Years one and all! (Yawn! ;) )

So a good day has evidently begun. My leg/foot is asleep for the zillionth time (it really ought to stop doing that at some point soon), and I'm a bit sore… but fortunately not entirely from my fall on the dance floor. It felt good just to read for a bunch of hours today. Nothing for class evidently (although I ought to start that soon)… but to just endulge myself in some relaxing pursuits.

Plans for the New Year? Hmmm… I don't do actual resolutions persay… but I'm going to try to do the following:
1. live in less of a pigsty. This means being slightly more organized, and likely cleaning more often (and I've been starting the cleaning thing as usual this week)
2. Keep my cactus alive (eg. don't over (or under) water it)
3. Write more… free writing that is.
4. spend more good quality time with friends.
5. call people on the phone more often.

Of course there's a ton of other things I'm attempting to do… and these are just pretty general aims (not even SMART goals) but they don't usually need to be.

Sitting here and listening to good music… knowing that I've pruned the one CD from my collection that I'm willing to part with and getting some things accomplished is my plan for the time being 🙂