A New Year, another Hourglass, the stress has already begun.

So as expected I attended Hourglass Ball yet again this year. And frankly, while I did enjoy myself (in fact I quite honestly loved the menu compared with most menus from the past… whereas others complained, I enjoyed THAT part!) the evening was marred by some aspects which honestly shouldn't be part of the equation: 1. lack of the usual selection of good dancing partners of the male variety (usually there's quite a few more excellent people present.
2. only two tent cards per table of eight and thus no take away souvenirs really
3. no noise maker left to ring in the new year (partly due to trampling and whatnot… I wasn't going to put my mouth on a used one for some odd reason)
4. what's with the lack of REAL champagne anyway? sparkling wine is NOT the same. I don't much like wine, nor champagne, but champagne is better any day of the week
5. falling (causing bruises etc.) on the dance floor (hurts!)
6. ridiculous to see the lack of cleaning the confetti stuff off the dance floor for ages… paying attendees should NOT be doing this!
7. lack of appropriate (amount of) food at 11:30pm (I'm hungry!)
8. Dance performance was okay… lacked a certain something at some points, but was otherwise decent.
9. Why is it that such a ridiculous gift and tiny bouquet was used for the performers?
So the dance club loses money on this event every year. Yet the dance club makes a huge profit every year. The lack of decent use of free advertizing (among other things) likely contributed to the sorry attendance. Why isn't the dance club spending the money to make things right, like it has in the past? I mean honestly! I'm disappointed. Really disappointed. Perhaps in the next few days emails will be sent… *sighs*

Apartment cleaning is going so-so. I'm reading a pretty decent book (it's been such a long time since I've devoured a good book!).

I came home and decided to check email (since I hadn't earlier). More stress likely. Not necessarily the happiest thing… but whatever. I choose to do what I choose to do I would surmise.

More cleaning and hopefully a few important email messages sent is my plan for the morrow. I wonder how much of everything will get done.

Happy New Year Everyone! I sure am hoping that this isn't some sort of sign.

December has been so amazingly awesome, I'd be so terribly disappointed if the awesomeness doesn't continue.

To new things and a stellar 2005! *clinks glass with internet savvy friends*