Semester: Finito!

So I guess I haven't been doing all that great of a job in updating people as to what I've been up to these days. Firstly I LOVE the fact that I've run into a ton of great friends as of late: Chris, Lorraine, Vince, Simon, Amanda… the list goese on and on and on! So stellar! 🙂

I'm not going to be a TF this year. Maybe I'll do OL though. I'm pretty uncertain about it overall. I'm not displeased though, if such excellent people as the CKIers I met today are going to be TFs I'm all happy! They essentially wanted to give a chance to people who hadn't done it before, so that's all groovy in my book.

I've been doing a ton of service as of late. The gift wrap certainly keeps me busy, as did the Spruce Ave Christmas luncheon (who knew I could carve TURKEYS?). It feels great to be contributing my time to such great causes!

But exams are finally done for the semester! Isn't that fabulous? It means that all I have between now and going home for a few days for the holiday is work and volunteering… I guess sleeping and eating too, plus hopefully seeing some great friends to cap that off as well. I'm done my Christmas shopping (asides from a little something I'll be getting from a friend hopefully). I'm also done my Christmas cards (also a great thing!), and I've only yet to clean my apartment, finish putting together a little surprise for someone and to say goodbye to my roommate when he goes home for the holidays. It'll be a good holiday season I would presume. Hopefully people will have time to spend with lil' ol' me over the vacation. If I'm lucky I'll even have some time off of work right when I'd appreciate it most? We'll see.

Something tells me that I've been tired these days. Why? 'cause random people keep telling me I look extra super tired. Not terribly awesome to hear that, but whatever. I like it best to hear the truth in any case. Perhaps some more sleep will help over the holidays, along with some more pampering 🙂 Can't wait until Hourglass Ball either.

I guess I'm also kinda wistful for the past at the same time though. I truly miss so many of my friends and aquaintances from the years gone by. I really truly hope to see some of them more frequently, not to mention spend time with people.

Oh! And Jackie and I got material for the dress! I totally hope that that works out fantastically! 🙂