How I love the Christmas Season… ;)

Apologies to all those who don't much enjoy the winter holidays, but I really do enjoy them… so here's my reasons why this December is going so Awesomely!
Bah Humbug was the most amusing house decoration on Candy Cane Lane last night when I visited.
Christmas dinners and luncheons are so delicious, especially when accompanied with fabulous fellowship!
December is filled with Decking the halls and other fabulous decorations!
Eating too much happens far too readily, but oh so yummily!
Friends often see and/or hear from each other once more during the holiday season 🙂
Gift shopping is such fun, especially when I get to frequent fabulous locations like the Butterdome Craft Sale!
Happy smiling faces are often seen when I walk down the street!
I can't help but want to listen to carols all day long… gotta love Christmas tunes, especially when they're sung by excellent choirs live (eg. at the Legislature!)
Just can't believe how much fun it is to enjoy the season, can I?
Kiwanis meetings and outings are especially excellent: if you ever have the chance to attend an Oil Capital Kiwanis Christmas meeting in years to come, GO!
Lights all across town at Bright Nights, Candy Cane Lane, and the Legislature not to mention a great dinner are beautiful and worth catching!
Making the time to respect the true meaning of the holidays is important.
Now is a great time to continue charitable efforts.
Ornaments, especially when made with love are such great objects to adorn my home.
Presents aren't the meaning of Christmas, but they are fun to give and make!
Quiet and peace are found often over the holidays!
Remembering to rest and relax is important.
Snow makes the season look just so festive…
Trees all strung with lights look beautiful out in the snow and of course in homes as well.
Understanding that not everyone celebrates for the same reasons or the same holidays is quite important.
Volunteering to help serve Christmas dinners, help at Christmas gatherings, donate food and gifts and so on is terribly important to share the cheer.
Wrapping gifts for donations to the Bissell Centre is such a rewarding experience!
Xmas cards in my mailbox makes me so happy!
Year's end is coming, thus Hourglass Ball is on it's way, as is the New Year!
Zellers is usually where I try to grab some random holiday odds and ends… because I adore Christmas, and it's such an excellent time of year!