Dim Sum with a Difference… and semi-productivity of Ali!

This morning, I woke up early… or at least earlier than I have been recently. My intention was to volunteer at the stellar Dim Sum with a Difference event benefitting the Boyle McCauley Health Centre. So I ate breakfast and bundled myself up for a good quality trudge down chilly Jasper Avenue. Once at Noodle Noodle, I helped with the assembling of the chopstick boxes, before going around selling chopsticks (essentially raffle prize draw entries). Great fun, asking people time and time again to buy chopsticks. Unfortunately, just like last year, Anne McLellan and Michael Phair bought many chopsticks from me but continued to not win anything. Just the same, all the funds did go to a most excellent cause, and the live auction proceeds (along with the 50/50 draw) were pretty significant, really helping the inner city. This always makes me happy! So it was another successful year (the 13th) for this fundraiser (and it sold out this time too!!).
In other news, my fortune (from two different fortune cookies) was the SAME. And ordered me to keep my feet on the ground regardless of what others say. Odd, considering I find that my feet are often securely on the ground, but okay 🙂
Fortunately or unfortunately, I still have 4 essays to write, one major project to worry about, and of course a ton of other little things, but for the most part I'm making progress! I've even made a slight dent in the pile of letters that I wanted to write before it became Christmas card time!