Slowly getting stuff done…

Clutter clutter everywhere… when will the maddness stop?

I never do explain to people how I do my cleaning without receiving the oddest of looks. You see, I clean in a very non-traditional manner, and yet follow the lead (however unwillingly) of my mother's cleaning style. Essentially I like to clean when I get the impulse (I know, I know, impulse cleaning… probably better than impulse buying though!). Which means that I'll get the impulse to sweep an area, or organize papers, or take out the trash or something. However, I tend to get the impulse to do the task that (while it needs doing) isn't the most pressing at the particular time usually.

This is probably why things don't get cleaned when I really ought to have done this or that task. But on the otherhand, the carry-overs from my mother's teaching me how do do these tasks, are why oftentimes when I DO do them, they get done well. Or at least to my satisfaction, however much additional work this costs me. Now why I'm putting my little head in a tizzy about domestic matters when I REALLY ought to be brainstorming a better Halloween costume idea (and I DO have another several ideas… just trying to figure out which to use), or writing a dramatic monologue in blank verse, or doing some reading, or creating a powerpoint presentation, is beyond me… but I guess my own clutter can be frustrating at times. At least I'm getting things done! 🙂

In other news, the quiz that Anastasia completed interested me… so here's my result! 🙂