Back to the Books…

So school has begun. And brrr! it's chilly!

It's really hard to believe I've been hanging out on campus the past few days where I haven't necessary had any classes. But just the same I've attended three of my 5 classes, and spent a bundle on texts.

Since the question has arisen, here's my course schedule sort of:
I have 1 class on mondays from 3-6pm
1 class on tuesdays from 3:30-6:30pm
And the rest of my classes are tuesday thursday classes, making my day start at 9:30AM and going until 12:30pm, before starting again from 2-3:30pm.

And YES, this means I get long-ish weekends to work, do homework, do CKI stuff, and travel etc. No complaints there.

The reading is still daunting, and of course I still doubt myself (what else is new?), but overall, I'm pleased with things. Especially since this means that I'm settling in for another Rockin' AWESOME year of classes.

Even if I feel OLD (especially in 100-level classes!), I'm enjoying. Afterall, I may as well be happy-ish, right? 😉