Much needed rest…

Today, while colder than ANY first day of school for Fall semester ought to be, was a relaxing day. Yesterday, I completed my responsibilities as team facilitator for the most successful stint at volunteering for Orientation that I have had yet.

So last night, I finally got a good regular amount of sleep. Gosh that felt great! (now I got to get back to getting productive things done but that's life, and of course what makes it interesting!) I also was able to have a good relaxing day both on and off campus… some sleep today as naps, since I had no classes, and of course some good free stuff getting times (along with some fun and games… YAY for the first week of classes hubbub!).

In other news…

– my new roommate moved in during Orientation training. Still a lot of stuff to take care of with relation to this (of course!) but I expect that all will be in order soon enough.

– I'm definitely going to Utah in October. I just have to book my flights!

– I'm actually decent at getting people interested in CKI (eg. at the recruitment booth this year)

– I can still manage on crazy sleep schedules.

– All my goals to get things done before school started haven't yet been accomplished, but they're not so important that this matters terribly much. A lot of it has to do with the events of the past month or so — not a terribly good excuse — but whatever.

– I'm really uncertain about school. I dunno if I'm going to be able to do it, this Arts degree thing. Maybe I'm worrying about nothing. Maybe worrying is a good thing. It certainly tells me that I care about the next challenge that is posed. Just like CKI I guess… I really care about what's sitting there awaiting me. Yet, I worry, 'cause it's important. Maybe that's confirmation that I'm doing the right things. 🙂