Barrage Raises!

1. I ADORE my new Barrage CDs… I've adored this band since WAY back when I first saw their 1998 television special on CBC… and well, now I have all the songs that I truly adored!! YAY for the Barrage website at ! Gotta love the VARIETY of stuff! Swing, Ukrainian, celtic, pop, traditional and SO much more! 🙂 Totally worth every penny (especially after seeing them live *sighs contentedly*) I especially adored the fact that the CDs came 3 or more weeks before they said to expect them! 🙂 Gotta love getting them the week I order them within days… !

2. I got a raise! 🙂 Not much of course (just the usual 500 hrs thing), but I'm pleased! Every penny helps!

And Life goes on!