I miss The Procrastinator's Aid… and roommate dillemma likely solved.

So when I was younger, and used to use the internet for procrastination purposes (oh, wait… scratch that. I still do… but then again YOU'D know that by now if you're reading this), I used to frequent The Procrastinator's Aid a fabulous website of great procrastination found at http://www.geocities.com/SouthBeach/1915/ (yeah, it's still there). Unfortunately like with many other great internet sources of procrastination, procrastination has likely overcome its creator…. so I've gone on to other things.

In the past year or so, it's been a lot more about reading blogs. And while there's a lot of great ones, there certainly are my favorites out there still. And I guess I spend a fair bit of my time frequenting them.

In the time since I started using the Internet for procrastination purposes, I've done such things as being a TPO player avidly (Trivial Pursuit Online… which USED to exist on the Sony Station), being a certain contest site frequenter (I'm an avid contest enterer… and tend to win on occasion… that site went so sour that I refuse to give ANY credence to it's old name), a messageboard junkie (mostly at one point at the That 70s Show site… before THAT got filled with well… not so interesting stuff), and various other things…. like internet based gaming at such places like games.com or popcap etc. Really, I spend much time online procrastinating in the time since I first discovered The Procrastinator's Aid.

In other news… since my musing about procrastination is probably pretty boring… I wanted to mention that I have a replacement roommate lined up now most likely. Thanks to all who helped by suggesting possible individuals etc.

In still more news, I suppose. Apparently I'm able to grill good hamburgers… and get a fire semi-back to a good marshmellow roasting state after WAY too much effort. Yep… I got to do the grilling at our CKI social today. Odd that, but hey there's a first time for everything!