Because I don't wanna do other things…

[three words that sum you up]: zen (yeah… best word I can think of for it), ready to put things back in order, calm
[jewelry worn daily]: usually a watch of some sort. I used to wear this ring with maple leafs on it on my pinky finger that Kim gave me… but it was stolen in December. I SO wish that I could find a replacement one… as it was perfect!
[wallet]: the same one that I got from my aunt & uncle when I was 12ish (10+years ago now) it is MUNDI and is cloth with flowers… and is slowly starting to wear out now.
[coffee]: NEVER!
[shoes]: I like comfy, practical, attractive, shoes that don't cost a fortune. Not that they exist or anything… 😉 I wear Merrells to work, Adidas for sports, and dress shoes of various types (usually sandals) for that purpose. Plus I have some sandals that have lasted me since grade 7… some that have lasted me since Grade 12 grad, etc. These are the good ones!
[cologne/perfume]: I don't use.
[clothing you have on]: currently wearing Circle K plaid shorts, a plain white fitted t-shirt, and underwear.

[wishing]: that life was simpler sometimes
[after this]: unknown. Probably sleep.
[talking to]: no one
[eating]: not presently
[some favorite movies]: WarGames, The Princess Bride, The Matrix Trilogy, The Harry Potter movies, Where the Heart Is, 10 things I hate about you…
[something you're looking forward to]: Kiwanis Bi-District Convention!
[last thing you ate]: A Soft Taco
[something you're afraid of]: being incapable of saving/helping the ones I love/inability to realize all my goals and dreams.
[if you could have any animal as a pet]: hmmm… I like turtles and tortoises…
[cities you wouldn't mind moving too]: Hmmm… Quebec, Indianapolis, Revelstoke, most places in Canada are cool with me actually.
[some favorite foods]: Sushi/Japanese food in general, exotic pizza, thai food (without cilantro), fondue
[something -or someone- you wish you could understand better]: People in general.
[miss someone you haven't seen in a long time]: Josh. Aliana. Ca3rine. Grandparents. Kim. Dave. Lindsey. Krista. Frank. and so many more.

[like candles]: not particularly. NO.
[like company]: yes… although I do like my peace and quiet at times.
[believe in soul mates]: yeah.
[believe in love at first sight]: perhaps.
[believe in forgiveness]: YES
[want to get married]: yes.
[want to have kids]: yes.
[ever want to adopt kids]: unknown.

[cried]: wanted to, yes… but the answer is no.
[bought something]: yep. Groceries. And a regular white hot chocolate at Second Cup.
[gotten sick]: No, but I've been sneezing though.
[sang]: no.
[eaten]: duh!
[been kissed]: no
[felt stupid]: of course.
[talked to an ex]: not really…. communicated perhaps.
[talked to someone you have a crush on]: no
[had a serious talk]: yes.
[missed someone]: Yes
[hugged someone]: yes.
[argued with a parent(s)]: No
[dreamt about someone you can't be with]: yes and no.

[best friend(s)]: too many to list.
[boyfriend/girlfriend]: I don't have a boyfriend at the moment.
[hobbies]: CKI, reading, writing, ballroom dancing, the internet, eating good food, walking, learning, listening, etc.
[pager/cell]: nope!
[are the you the center of attention or a wallflower]: usually more of a wallflower, with exceptions as always.
[car you drive]: I refuse to drive.
[would you rather be with friends or on a date]: depends… both situations would be nice.
[job]: I'm a cashier at a grocery store.
[attend church]: no
[like being around people]: yes, usually.

[who is your role model]: lots of people are.
[pet peeves]: I dunno… I'm not going to try to explain.
[ever liked someone you can't be with]: Yes
[ever wanted to get revenge on someone cause they hurt you]: maybe.
[cried over the opposite sex]: Yes
[your favorite physical trait]: depends on the individual in question.
[are you happy with yourself]: usually reasonably so.
[what plans do you have for the future]: CKI stuff, continue going to the UofA for my BA, eventually find a significant other/and later start a family, find a good place to live/dream house, get published/become reasonably successful author, become a Kiwanian, find a job that I'll enjoy that works with my skillsets, travel.
[who do you really hate]: No one
[who's your most trustworthy family member]: probably my dad.