Back to Canada…

Hi All!

Now that I'm AWAKE again… I thought I'd like to type a bit about the wonderful awesomeness of International Board Training. Essentially I'd like to type about some of the excellent observations I made:

1. United Express/Sky Service is GREAT for being on time/early, even if it leaves late.

2. United isn't quite nearly as awesome at the very same thing.

3. Economy Plus seats are cushy… but I'm not the type of person that would really benefit from them, given that I'm rather small. Give me a smaller seat with an awesome person to talk with any day of the week…. Really… this is one of the great benefits of being fairly small.

4. The International Board ROCKS my SOCKS at this point in time. We really bonded together, and had SO much fun! 🙂 Beaver! Sharks!!

5. Following instructions from hotel staff to the nearest Pharmacy can lead you on a wild goose chase. 2.5 hrs to go there and back is a LONG time. Not that it wasn't enjoyable (it was) or an adventure (it was) etc.

6. I'm totally looking forward to the Kiwanis Family store coming out with some of its new merchandise… it looks really awesome!!!

7. AirHeads makes great things that look like fruit by the foot… VERY yummy!

8. Thanks to Katherine, I now know that I really really like Sweet Tea!!

9. There IS a such thing as TOO much Birthday Cake… I can't believe I ate that entire piece! So yummy!

10. Sugar Subsitutes are still odd.

11. Professional photos are pretty interesting… especially when they don't look nearly as bad as you actually look in real life. In other words, circles under eyes are no longer as obvious… yeah. That.

12. Alarm clocks SHOULD obey darn it! 😉

13. Surprises can be GOOD things.

14. Going to Indy without visiting Steak 'n Shake feels ODD. Gotta make up for that perhaps?

15. Air conditioning is VERY chilly. Outdoors is VERY hot.

16. Bob the Builder. 'nuff said.

17. This year is going to be a LOT of fun. And a LOT of work.

18. Casey's shoes added to the fun of the week(end). Weird how so many of us have similarly sized feet (girls).

19. Gotta remember to ZOOM!

20. 20 Questions: an eye opening experience.

21. It's time to lead with integrity… reach consensus… and work toward EXCELLENCE.

Yeah… an amazing trip, amazing experiences… and so on!! Can't wait to hear from Elmo again… or hear all the accents… or see pictures… or just plain have fun… honestly, it'll be a CRAZY year. Yeah. That's it.