Why I don't go to sleep now is beyond me…. ;)

Hey all!
I know I haven't written anything at all significant as of late… but frankly I didn't feel like I had anything better than drivel for you all to read, and you honestly didn't deserve to read drivel that bad!
So I was browsing LJ tonight and ran across a link that you all might enjoy: J. K. Rowling's website!!! http://www.jkrowling.com/
Anywho… I'm still mega sore from the exceedingly lots of physical activity of the past few days (walking, working, more walking, soccer, walking, lifting hand weights, walking, (did I mention walking?).
I NEED new shoes. When my feet ache within the first few minutes of work… simply 'cause the shoes need replacing, I NEED new shoes!
Uh… yeah… and TTThhhat's ALL FOLKS!