So… life stays hectic… what else is new?

So this past weekend I was in Regina… with lovely duststorm/windwarning weather. But our billet was great (the demonic tree was also amusing). It was good to see Underworld again in any case. The trip down was also entertaining… movies galore: Happy Gilmore, Ever After, Dumb and Dumber, The New Guy and on the way back: The Wedding Planner, Finding Nemo, Ocean's Eleven, and Austin Powers. Not in that order mind you… but still. The actual convention was quite entertaining. I'd never been to a Key Club convention… so it was pretty educational. Then again compared to KC DCONs from other districts, I'm 100% sure that this one was incredibly untraditional… but those facts aside we put on an incredibly successful Key to College program, got a lot of names for Key Clubbers eventually moving on to College/University to help us build this district and so on. So I was rather pleased.

Then I got home to my roommate moving out. That was over within a couple of hours… and I bathed and got some shut-eye.

The next day was evidently a work day (8hrs) and yesterday my NEW roommate moved in. Yay for that. Quite a bit of planning left for the scads of people arriving here this afternoon/evening… plus of course the other stuff that just NEEDs to get done in the next little bit. *sigh*

In any case… things go well… You gotta love when 47 youths on a band tour arrive at SaveOn right at the typical 9PM rush… and I really enjoyed blowing up balloons at the store. I never knew I could get them to float sideways… or to sink when full of helium. That was amusing.

Anywho… I've a bajillion things to do most likely *sigh* but whatever… At least the Banff trip, ICON, DOTC, and Taskforce are falling into place.