Hmmmm…. Interesting Evening…

So we have the Orientation party here tonight. Loads of people… loads of side dishes… and green onion cookies are actually rather tasty…. you learn new things every day, eh?

In any case, the bajillion of things I wrote about last time has increased to a couple bajillion things. I'm a little more or less panicked about school for the fall… mainly 'cause I REALLY wanna take the write classes… I don't wanna take 4 years to get my degree if I can help it…. three would be perfect thank you very much. Gotta love getting e-mails telling me to declare stuff NOW or else. *sighs* Guess I gotta put together a portfolio to get into classes ASAP as well. My goodness.

In other news… this place is a mess again. Mostly 'cause I've got rather more food than I could ever eat really. I hope Brendan has a healthy appetite!

And I'm hoping that messes will clean themselves… 'cause I SO don't have enough time tomorrow to get everything done to leave before dawn on Friday. Life gets SO busy as of late… Sure it's what I love, but I miss my sleep and whatnot!