Return of the LJ quizzes… (this one's personal it seems)

What's your first name: Ali
Do you remember the first nickname ever given to you: I probably don't. I'm betting someone called me 'Ali Kira' as a nickname at some point very soon after my birth… aside from that early nicknames were insults mostly… mostly refering to Prince Ali and the forty theives, and other such other stuff. First real nickname would probably have been when my little brother started calling me Al' which was pretty disturbing 'cause I didn't really answer to that (being that it was my dad's nickame in University etc.).
What was your first word when you were a baby: I *think* it was 'NO' either that or 'More' (I can't remember which of my parents' stories was mine)
Who was your first friend (any age applies): Probably Megan Rippon (I had other playmates but that would likely be my first 'real' friend)
What age did you first learn to speak in full sentences: I don't know, probably whatever age is normal for children.
What was your first favorite toy: hmmmph. I had one such thing? Probably Garnett Caldwell, my cabbagepatch kid (which I still have somewheres) we even had matching clothing and everything! Other than that there would be my blanket, but I wasn't super attached to that unlike my brothers with their 'blankies'!
What's your first embarrassing memory: hmmm… uh… probably peeing my pants or something else equally reasonable for a really young child.
What was the first cd you ever owned: I *think* that that was Let's Talk About Love by Celine Dion then it was the 1998 Grammy Nominees and that was followed by Supreme Love Gods.
What was the first movie you ever owned (Disney movies count): I personally owned movies? I guess I did… I *think* it was something along the lines of 'If I could teach the World to Sing'
What was the first concert you've ever been to: Savage Garden's Affirmation Tour I believe for my friend Kim's birthday (5th row floor seats… YAY for Kim!!)
Do you remember the first book you ever read: I don't know… but likely either a book on potty training (yep… I loved that book…) or Hop on Pop by Dr. Seuss.
What was the first movie you saw in a movie theatre?: I don't know. The first one I remember in theatres was Snow White.
Do you remember the first day of high school/college: I remember the first day of both high school and university.
If you've made icons/wallpapers/graphics, what was the first one you ever made?: I don't really make such things avidly. And I don't know.
First boyfriend/girlfriend: Daniel Joseph Audy
What was your first kiss like/who was it with: Akward (as expected) but nice actually and it was with Scott Graeme MacDormand
First guy you ever liked (not necessarily went out with): Peter van Dean (I had a crush on him in Kindergarden of all things
First loved (one-sided loves count): unless you count family members I'm not going to be able to answer this question I think. It also depends on what kind of love.
If you've ever been out of state, where was the first state you've gone to (with or without parents): Okay, firstly I don't live in a state but a province. The first other province I went to was Alberta (I was born in BC, thank you very much). As for first state I've gone to, I think it was Washington State (shopping trips with Grandparents across the border when our dollar was reasonable… like now I guess)
First boyfriend you were truly in love with: I don't think that this applies… I didn't really *love* those boyfriends I don't think… although I certainly liked them, and they're great friends even now (although I really don't see them much as of late due to social circles changing)