Another quiz-y thing

This one I like. Probably 'cause it's allowing me to procrastinate, and express myself without having to put in too too much effort. I think I do quizzes as a diversion from thinking of other things sometimes… other times to express myself.

[love is] Elusive, ephemeral, glorious, difficult, and effortful
[i know] nothing for certain… but many things potentially.
[i want] to know that what I'm striving for isn't in vain
[i wish] that I could become an International Trustee of CKI in St. Louis this July.
[i hate] being too overly early or late.
[i miss] all my great friends in far away places.
[i fear] not acheiving my most important goals
[i hear] music in the melody of some people's voices
[i love] LIFE! And so many people dear to my heart.
[i ache] when the spiral of dispair threatens to do more than nibble at my stocking feet
[i care] more than I should
[i am] a young lost girl trying to find something out there…
[i always] want to have really great friendships with fantastic people
[i dance] to music by myself and also at ballroom and other events
[i cry] when the emotion overtakes me
[i don't always] remember everything
[i write] as often as possible. It's a passion.
[i confuse] when I don't understand or get distracted.
[i can usually be found] trying my best at what I enjoy
[i need] to get out and do something every day if possible (even if only for a moment).