Strength of mind

Sometimes one needs that little drop of inspiration
To reinvigorate one's mind.
This is sometimes easy to come by,
Sometimes not.
But today I received that shower
Of infantessible drops
A rainbow of insight.
Insight into the world that is mine.

This time, the impetus to the new sense of joy,
The new spirit from within,
The new determination,
Stemmed from a movie,
Already acclaimed
As some say more than it is worth.

I have no view on that matter.

What I do know,
Is now that I have finally watched its final chapter,
I am very much inspired
To do what I must,
And what I should.
And to dive into the joys of life anew,
Being brought down by nary a bad word, nary a bad experience.

Perhaps I needed that just now.
I believe it was the right experience at the right time.
Sure I waited,
But I waited until it was the right time.

And the movie
Was a wonder in itself.

Any film that can evoke such an emotional response,
Any story, be it book, visual, auditory, or told through any other means
That is crafted with such cunning
Whether seen with new naive eyes as mine,
Or told for what seemeth the millionth time,
If received with such emotion,
Is worth every moment.

Let us revel in the joys that life has to bring!