Close call…

So I get up this morning. Same ol' routine really. And head off to school, pushing it for time as per usual on a MWF this term *sigh*.

I arrive at the nice crosswalk, you know, the thingy with the nifty bright white man or bright red hand that lights up? Well yeah there's the walk-man lit up and everything. And the traffic has a red light. Even if you're going to turn right on a red light, you STILL HAVE TO STOP. So I'm in the crosswalk… I HAD looked both ways, like the bright little girl that I am (well sheesh, I know my judgement is bad enough as it is when it comes to street crossing that I'd BETTER look both ways!), but here outa nowheres comes this bright red SUV (or something of the like, it was coming rather too fast for me to note what model it was or anything specific like that!), ready to do this right turn dealie. AND IT DOESN'T STOP. NOR DOES it (or at least I'm assuming since we're not in Cimon from the book White Light by Rudy Rucker… the DRIVER doesn't… 'cause even demon-esque bright red SUVs have drivers… for the most part anyhow. Heck, I didn't notice if it had a driver or not… I was sorta in a hurry!) notice that I'm smack dab in front of the bumper trying to scoot across the crosswalk without ending up in that building, you know that one with the doctors and all that stuff? Well it just so happens that this is the crosswalk across from the Edmonton General Hospital to boot… to the fact that I'm thinking this way isn't all that out of the realm of the unusual. So I run. And run fast. And BARELY save my skin. Afterall that bumper was only a bare 10 centimeters away from my shin when I leapt out of the way. Thank goodness my ungrippy shoes didn't slip on the very slick ice on that road thingy. Gah!

So that's how I start my day.

And I end it with this massive headachy thingy ravaging my brain.