Making lemonade

People often say that if life gives them lemons, they ought to make lemonade.

And well yesterday was a good example of that: You see, Monday night I started having back pain which interrupted my sleep horribly (it didn't help that someone snowblowed the sidewalk by my bedroom window at 4 in the morning). My back was in pain for two full days but it quieted down by the time I awoke yesterday (though it was still tender and I didn't want to overdo things).

With all my decluttering, I really didn't want to leave the house and jar my back on the ice either — this I suspect is the reason my back started hurting on Monday night — I must have jarred it or twisted it suddenly in my rush to get to majorly delayed buses on Monday night. So yesterday instead of going to a lecture I really wanted to attend or a few community league events that were of good interest, I did something good for me, and did some chores, decluttering, and basically took it easy enough. I even cooked a nice crock pot full of udon soup broth (so I'll have at least three more delicious meals (probably more) of delicious soup!) and the serendipity of my being home meant that a mistake that someone else made resulted in a wonderfully sociable evening chat with some friends for an hour or so later in the evening, purely because I was home.

There are some certain positives of my not being as busy these days… I've been able to catch up on household things. I've been able to sleep. I've been able to job hunt more. I mean sure, I loved the busy-ness of the Elections Canada job (really it was a great experience on the whole), but it's good to not be working 12 hour days these days. And sure the lack of income lately is a huge frustration, but I'm trying to make lemonade out of each incident where life gives me lemons these days. Looking on the bright side of life is easy — there's so much to be thankful for (and no, it's not Thanksgiving here, that was in October, but American Thanksgiving is just as fine a day to give thanks as any other!).

So while I busy myself with chores, and think up ways to improve my life and the lives of others, I'm pretty happy that I've been able to take less fortunate moments (eg. back pain) and turn them into a form of productivity… and enjoy the serendipitous moments that life brings.