The 1980s… in theatre form

On Tuesday night, Jon and I had the chance to join many Yelp Elites (and plus 1s) for a really excellent night at the Mayfield Dinner Theatre for opening night of their new show, Back to the '80s. Because it was a Yelp Elite event, it was time for full-blown costuming, and so I did the best I could with what I had in my wardrobe. I managed to make a full side-ponytail work without any bobbypins or hairspray which entertained me fully. I did some great bright colourful eye makeup, and wore leggings/exercise apparel with an oversized sweater. Looking back at the pictures reminds me a lot of Deb from Napoleon Dynamite, which amuses me greatly. Yelp Elites tend to go all out for themed parties — especially those I've attended at the Dinner Theatre!

First we were treated to some free drinks (a bit strong for me but not all that bad) and appetizers at Stages restaurant (where we all marveled at costumes and took photos) before heading into the theatre for dinner and then the show. The Yelp group was mostly concentrated in one corner but some of us were scattered into more central seating. Jon and I were at a more central table which was pretty nice overall. I was happy as we got perhaps my favourite server at the dinner theatre (I've had her be my server often enough that she's my definite favourite), and while I did overeat a bit (it's hard not to) the food was good on the whole. My favourite parts were the yorkshire puddings with au jus, the pumpkin mousse dessert, rice pudding, the watermelon, and the roasted vegetables (the rutabaga was remarkably well seasoned — I liked the spice a lot!). Drinking a lot of wonderful peppermint tea from the cute little teapot that they use there was helpful both for my digestion (I did eat a lot) and for my enjoyment of the show.

The show itself was pretty amusing on the whole. It was a musical journey through the '80s complete with cultural references (Alf, Baywatch, Back to the Future, Bill & Ted's Excellent Adventure, E.T. just to name a few). And by musical journey… I can't possibly name all the songs that were played, there were just so many good ones! Personal favourites include the Weird Al one, the Twisted Sister one, and many more! Some of the racism/sexism/idealism/etc. from the '80s really stuck out, but was authentic to the time period (and those songs in question) and oh my goodness the fashion! The costume designers outdid themselves in dressing the actors for this show (the wigs alone were impressive!). The framing story was ridiculous at times but hey it's the '80s that they were referencing so this made the show pretty darn perfect in that it did a good job of reflecting the time period.

Insofar as Mayfield Dinner Theatre opening night shows go, this was one of the most well attended ones I've been to with Yelp and that says a lot. I think the '80s theme gets out a slightly different demographic (in addition to the regular attendees) and the show itself was really entertaining. A good night out for all, indeed.