Stress and topics of geek goodness…

So lately I've been rather tense/sore. And I know that most of it is because I've been grinding/clenching my teeth more in the last few days than in the few weeks before, but it's frustrating. I know that part of the stress is the uncertainty of the next few months of my life — and that's perfectly A-okay, but I quite honestly ought not to be stressed. I mean I have fewer obligations as of late than I might have had at other times and I'm not stressing out over the job hunt thing mostly because I think I need a mental break (YES I'm applying to really good jobs that come my way, but I'm not spending as much time seeking them out right at the moment, but I'm still hopeful that I'll find something awesome soon-ish as I'm not one to like having TOO much free time as much as I desperately need to give myself permission to have some real downtime and not be go-go-go all of the time. I'm rather good (as many of you might already know) at over scheduling myself or otherwise becoming quite busy, but it's also important that I realize that I need downtime and that I ought to indulge in my passions.

I guess part of this introspection is due to seeing all of the AWESOME on social media (and otherwise) this weekend because of Calgary Expo. It was my own decision not to go — I accept that, but it does make me envious to see all the awesome that everyone else is involved with on this particular weekend. I look forward to Edmonton Expo in the fall, and will be able to afford that if all goes as planned. Part is also due to the fact that I really want to play more games (yay for board games), read more books/consume more media, and spend time with the folks with whom I never manage to spend enough time (that's most of you). I probably should make more field trips to TableTop Cafe as well as I did win that year's membership but of course it is way more fun to go there with friends rather than going alone.

And then there's the BIG trip that I've booked for next February: a wonderfully geeky cruise! I'm super excited about JoCo Cruise 6 actually and while I most likely could afford to do it as a solo vacation, I could of course have a roommate for my interior room (which would make it much more cost effective). Regardless, I'm super excited about a geek vacation with 24/7 board gaming, daily concerts and other special events, a writing track, and so many of my favourite musical artists whom I haven't seen perform live before. If this is as awesome as I strongly suspect it will be, this might have to become a recurring vacation plan for future years… but for now I'm just plain excited — and this totally makes up for not making it to Calgary Expo (and not being able to make it to FallCon or a few other geeky events/activities in the Fall because of conflicts).

But yeah, I'm stressed. But I'm working on trying to deal with that — because stress isn't always proportional to the stressors in one's life and realistically I have it pretty darn good right now! 🙂