I did it! :)

I blogged every single day for the month of November! This was a great way to get back into the blogging habit. While I know I'm not going to blog every day for the month of December (there's other things to write like Christmas cards for example), I think this was the kick start I needed to get back into the writing groove (and that includes all forms of writing, really, not just blogging).

Tomorrow I go back to work after a much needed week off (yay for paid vacation!), and while that week was really busy (and occasionally quite stressful) it did include some rather great days and good experiences! And December is shaping up to be a rather busy one as per the usual.

In any case I highly recommend writing more frequently (maybe this is a note to future me?) as it was a great experience to get back into the habit. And it feels really crazy to think that we're already in December today.